Five players already oxidized by Leaf Golf…

Regardless of your support for the LIV Golf Invitational Series, everyone has to admit that the fields are getting stronger and more attractive as the weeks go by.

The risk-free commercial incentive and complete lack of competitive advantage may be huge problems with the Saudi-backed chain, but the fields are improving more and more recognizable.

The likes of Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau are the big names, while Patrick Reed, Henrik Stinson, Lee Westwood and Ian Poulter are the household names supporting the events.

But Commissioner Greg Norman is not done yet. According to reports, there is a large queue of players interested in the breakaway tour and a number of player agents have been in contact with the Australian about future participation.

There was a rumor that a player in the top ten in the world rankings was about to take the leap. After winning the 150th Open Championship, Cameron Smith refused to disqualify himself from giving in to the millions of dollars on offer at LIV.

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As more and more notable golfers move from their rounds, this means that lesser known, less successful, and less well known players are likely to be sidelined and removed from the regular rolls.

Some LIV players have contracts, but it’s unclear what each player’s status will be. Do they have guarantees to play as few events as possible in a series that only has a maximum of 14 matches?

for example, Pablo Larzabal Compete in the first LIV golf event at the Centurion this June. He came in 13th but did not play in the second event in Portland and was not on the field in Bedminster this week.

If the DP World Tour continues with a similarly aggressive approach and Larzabal suspends play in the ring, will he go to the non-exciting Asian Tour?

South Africa Oliver Baker In the same boat. He came seventh at Centurion, but like his fellow Spaniard, is set to miss the second and third events.

Bekker came in at 64th at the Cazoo Classic over the weekend, so the LIV Golf Rebels were rescued by CEO Keith Pelley for the time being. It is worth noting that it is out of the constitution for the DP World Tour to actually ban players.

JC Ritchie He is another South African who currently plays in only one of the first three LIV events. He came in at number 18 near London in the same year that he made three of the top 10 on the old European Tour.

Ratchanun ChantananuwatTK in short, became the youngest golfer in history to win a round recognized by the world rankings at the Trust Golf Asian Mixed Cup in April.

He played in the first LIV event, but hasn’t been anywhere since. At only 15 years old, she wonders if the young Thai man made his bed at a very young age.

Oliver FisherMr., 59th on the DP World Tour, finished 38th at the inaugural LIV event in St Albans and like the players mentioned above, his guarantees and contractual appearances are unknown.

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