FIH vs Hockey India: Hockey World Cup in India in jeopardy, FIH rejects Hockey India’s election proposal in 20 Weeks: Follow LIVE

FIH vs Hockey India – India’s Hockey World Cup in danger? India Men’s Hockey World Cup in Trouble…
FIH vs Hockey India – India’s Hockey World Cup in danger? The World Cup for men’s hockey in India is in trouble. The International Hockey Federation, the International Hockey Federation, has refused to give Hockey India 20 weeks time to amend the constitution and hold new elections. According to the FIH, “India’s response is unsatisfactory.” It should be noted that the FIH had earlier warned Hockey India that the World Cup from India would return if elections were not held satisfactorily and soon: Follow live updates of Indian hockey with InsideSport.IN

The FIH further said it is requesting prompt action from Hockey India and no delay will be tolerated. India is set to host the 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup in Rourkela, Orissa.

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FIH vs Hockey India: Hockey World Cup in India in jeopardy, International Hockey Federation refuses to give Hockey India 20 weeks time for new elections, says ‘unsatisfactory response’: Follow live updates

Men’s Hockey World Cup: A three-member FIH delegation headed by the newly appointed Acting President Saif Ahmed is expected to visit India on August 15 for an emergency meeting.

International Hockey Federation CEO Thierry Weil and Executive Board Member Tayeb Ikram, who is also CEO of the Asian Hockey Federation, will be part of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) delegation.

Hockey World Cup: International Hockey Federation questions India’s ability to host World Cup after jury inaction, further delays in constitution drafting and elections could lead to loss of hosting rights

FIH had sought last week to obtain Detailed schedule From the Court-appointed Committee of Directors (CoA) on the adoption of the amended Constitution and the holding of new elections for Hockey India.

If Hockey India does not adopt a constitution compliant with sports law as soon as possible, the country risks losing the rights to host the World Cup, scheduled for January 13-29.

FIH CEO Weil said they have set a tentative date for the visit and are now awaiting confirmation from CoA, which runs the game in the country after the Delhi High Court suspended the Hockey India Executive Board for violating the National Sports Act.

“We are planning to visit India on August 15 for two to three days. We will do whatever is required to resolve this issue but we are still waiting for a response from the Agriculture Committee,” Weil told PTI from Lausanne in an exclusive interview.

“It will be a three-member delegation headed by Acting President Seif Ahmed. We are ready to meet anyone and provide all possible assistance to solve the problems,” he added.

FIH has written three times to the Agriculture Committee on the matter but is now not entirely satisfied with India’s response.

Weil said the International Hockey Federation is still hoping to host the World Cup in Bhubaneswar and Rourkila, but if things don’t work out next month, a ban on India hockey is likely.

“Certainly, there will be sanctions coming on Hockey India for not fulfilling the commitments and one of them will be a ban from international hockey. They have signed an agreement to host the World Cup and they are obligated to fulfill that.

“But we haven’t thought about these lines yet, because the athletes will be the most affected by any penalty. In addition, Indian hockey fans who love hockey will be deprived of world-class action. We do not want this” He said.

Men’s Hockey World Cup: International Hockey Federation delegation to visit India in August, CEO Thierry Weil said “It would be a shame if the World Cup was withdrawn from India”

FIH has not yet begun implementing ‘Plan B’ for the World Cup and is hopeful that such a situation will never happen.

“We did not start working on this (alternate venue) because we want to host the World Cup in India. It will be a huge disappointment for the fans,” Will said.

“If things don’t work out during our visit and the danger continues, we will have to think about Plan B. It would be a shame not to have the World Cup in India.”

Weil reiterated his concerns about the unresponsive behavior of the three-member jury, despite repeated reminders from the world body over early drafting and adoption of HI’s constitution and new elections, which are a must for the World Cup hosts.

“This is of great concern to us (CoA not responding). When the Supreme Court issued the order in May, we immediately sent an email, stating that we are fully complying with the esteemed court’s decision and will do everything we can on our part to assist the jury,” He said.

“The court gave 20 weeks to the arbitration court but it has been a long time for us and we have expressed our opinions. We need to quickly set up a new board of directors for Hockey India because they are the ones who signed the agreement with us.

“Despite repeated follow-ups with the Audit Bureau, we did not receive any answer. We did not see the draft constitution. The new constitution must be approved by the FIH according to its statutes. We just want the jury to speed things up, 20 weeks is unacceptable for us,” Will added.

The Delhi High Court has suspended the Executive Board of Hockey India and placed it under the Court of Arbitration in a petition filed by former India player Aslam Sher Khan, who challenged the life membership of Narinder Batra in Hockey India.

The court revoked Life’s membership and Batra ceased to chair the IOA since he competed and won the IOA elections on the basis of his HI membership. He recently resigned as FIH President as well.

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