FDJ-Suez-Futuroscope Director Wants Nicole Frain To Be Kicked Out Of The Tour De France After Marta Cavalli Crash

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Stephen Delcourt, director of FDJ-Suez-Futuroscope, said Australian champion Nicole Frane should be kicked out of the Tour de France avec Zwift by her team after crashing with Marta Cavalli in the second stage.

Frien, who rode at the Parkhotel Valkenburg, was returning to Peloton after an earlier spill when she hit a Cavalli while slowing down to avoid another crash ahead of her.

Both riders were thrown off their bikes as a result of the accident, with Cavalli landing on her back while Phryne was sent forward over the other doomed riders. Frain was able to finish the race and ride in the third stage, while Cavalli gave up the race after initially getting back on her bike.

“I am not happy today because Parkhotel has decided that Nicole Frain will continue. For me, this is not normal. In every job, if you have a mistake, the employer decides that you should stop for a few days. They apologized but we cannot continue like this. VeloNews in Reims at the beginning of stage 3.

“Imagine that someone in your family was on the bike, and I have a daughter, and if my daughter was in the same situation, I would say stop cycling. It is important that all stakeholders think about the future of our sport. We cannot have a situation like this.”

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Delcourt was calm but noticeably annoyed when he talked about the accident before the start of the third stage. He noted that Parkhotel Valkenburg had come to apologize for the situation but that was not enough and the team had to take tougher measures.

“We need to change the mentality and if we want to do that we have to say stop and stop playing with the life of the jockey. As a team manager we fear one thing, and that is calling a parent to say your girl is in the hospital.”

“Yesterday, we were very close to having a big drama with Amanda Spratt and Marta. Now, we need to change our sport and we have the key to that, but I’m not happy that Parkhotel decided she could come back.”

Amanda Spratt was part of the crash that slowed Cavalli, and he was right in the way of the riders. She was injured again when Phryne and Cavalli came down and gave up the race before the third stage due to the injuries she sustained.

VeloNews He spoke to team manager Raymond Roll and asked for comment, but declined to speak before the stage began. Frain released her own statement on Instagram, apologizing to the riders involved.

“No, today I didn’t go as well as I would have liked. It was hectic and I didn’t feel comfortable all day. After working hard to get back into the convoy in the convoy and with my teammate, the speed we re-joined was just to fit her pace,” she wrote. “Unfortunately, when I got off the wheel, I wasn’t aware of the passengers on the road from another accident. My teammate went left off the road, but didn’t get a chance to do the same since I didn’t see him.

“That means I crashed over the rider on the ground and did my best to avoid it but had nowhere to go. Naturally that wasn’t the intention at all and I’m sorry for those involved. I’m sore too, and I’ll watch how I feel. I’m lucky that I could To get back on my bike.”

Also talk to Frain Eurosport Right after the stage, saying that she believes she will be able to get through the gap she saw after the accident.

“I was coming back from an accident, and I was coming really fast through the convoy and through the cars and I was about to get back into the peloton, and I think there was another accident in the back. I kind of thought I was going to get through the gap, but I didn’t.”

Although she wasn’t able to climb to the start of Stage 3, Cavalli was still on the bus to support her teammates before they took off. The Italian will be with the team for at least a few days as they monitor her for any signs of a concussion.

“We need time to make sure, and for that you’ll be staying here with all the medical staff but we need time. We’re using our concussion protocol, but right now we need some time. We’re always here for one of our staff,” Delcourt said. .

“She is really frustrated because she worked so hard and Cecily worked so hard to make our dream come true. Now, she can’t help Cecily. Cecily had a breakdown, and she just can’t help. This morning, she decided to come back because she wanted to support the team for the rest of the Tour de France.”

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