Fans intervened in the event with Nelly Korda

From left, a Sunday volunteer and cheerleader to the right of the sixth hole at Evian Resort Golf Club.

She seemed really happy, which is hard to come by. The woman even showed a volunteer what she had found, which is also a good thing.

But Nelly Korda needed to play the golf ball that the woman was holding in her right hand.

“Whoa,” announcer Grant Boone said on CNBC’s broadcast of the sequence.

“Low,” said analyst Sophie Walker.

“No, it’s not a souvenir,” Grant said.

Repeated “Nooo” Walker.

In fact. Though, while you’ve no doubt seen and heard stories of fans picking up golf balls on golf courses during golf tournaments, the culprit here, during the final round of the Evian Championships on Sunday, seemed innocent enough. When she hit Korda right and into the trees with her second shot on par-4 6th from the Evian Resort Golf Club, the woman walked toward the ball, picked it up, lifted it up, and pointed it at the nearby volunteer.

Who had a few words for her.

“No no. Oh, she’s in big trouble now.” Boone said in the broadcast.

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Of course, fans have to let golf balls on golf courses lie in golf tournaments, although players can return the ball to its original position, without a penalty kick, thanks to the 9.6 rule. This rule states: “If it is known or almost certain that an external influence (including another player in a stroke or other ball game) has lifted or moved a player’s ball: there is no penalty, and the ball must be replaced in its original position (which If not known it should be estimated) (see Rule 14.2).

This applies whether or not the player’s ball is found. ”

From there, Korda crashed into a green bunker next to him and took out the Six Double Ghost. She moved into a tie to take the lead at one point, but ended in a tie for eighth after she was under 69.

“Today was a bit difficult, especially at the nine-back, but overall very happy with the way I played,” Korda said after the tour.

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