Facebook raises price of its only affordable VR headset

Mark Zuckerberg unveils his Quest VR headset on stage in 2019.

picture: Amy Osborne (Getty Images)

Gaming hardware usually gets cheaper over time. But Meta goes against this trend and raises its price Quest 2 VR headset for beginners by $100. The company formerly known as Facebook says it’s helping to drive innovation, a move that comes as social media company Mark Zuckerberg struggles to fend off TikTok’s rise and billions from recent losses.

Starting in August, the Meta Quest 2 will go from $300 to $400 for the 128GB model, and from $400 to $500 for the 256GB model. Books dead in Post announcing the change that he has “invested billions of dollars to help nurture a thriving virtual reality system” since the early days of PC and mobile, and that the massive price hike will help [it] Continue investing for the long term.

Pricing the Meta Quest 2 too low to begin with – much like the Nintendo Switch but for a wire-free VR headset – was meant to push hard for early adoption and help elevate a market that has been on hold for years. With a $100 hike, the Quest 2 will still be the cheapest headset on the market, but the 33% increase will still put the entry-level technology out of many people’s reach as a result.

While a hard-to-swallow pill from a company It made more than $7 billion in profits in the last quarterHowever, the temporary pullback is not a shock in the face of recent market turmoil. Meta’s stock price has halved since the start of 2022. Reportedly, new privacy changes made to Apple devices are costing the company some $10 billion in revenue. A fix for Facebook and Instagram apps to try to copy TikTok has led to a very public reaction by Kardashian.

Meta has been burning billions to push virtual reality technology forward over the past two years, but with his empire facing existential challenges, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now preparing employees for an even more brutal era of institutional austerity. Rather than cutting funding for research and development, raising prices is one way to maintain its bet on profitable virtual reality outcomes.

“We can either reduce funding for future things, or we can take a little more pain in terms of slightly lower profitability,” he told employees last month in between layoffs, to me the edge. “Constitutionally, it is more painful to me to slow down our progress toward the long term than to have a difficult short term.”

Meanwhile, Meta is preparing to launch a file Project Cambria Advanced Headphone later this year. And while partner projects such as Splinter Cell VR recently canceled, GhostbustersAnd the Between usAnd the The Walking Dead VR The games are still on the way. This is the case too Sony’s new PSVR 2 headset. Still without a price or release date, the PS5 manufacturer has persisted teasing new details about the updated technology.

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