Elden Ring players are tired of the broken chaos of Multiplayer

The player runs towards Astel, one of the secret bosses in the Elden Ring.

screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

elden ring It is a tale about a land abandoned by its lords, with many of its legends, gods, and goddesses either out of service, lost, or almost forgotten. Members elden ring Multiplayer might know exactly what that’s like, because as far as they’re concerned, game developer FromSoftware has left them out in the cold, too.

In a recent survey of 10,000 players, 90% of respondents said they felt the multiplayer experience could be improved, with nearly 70% indicating that they did not feel the situation was balanced. Incidentally, more than 60% of those who answered the survey say they have put in at least 100 hours or more into their open world masterpiece. The case is clear enough that a group of elden ring Players who spent months Create an entire website This is meant to spread the word about the current situation of multiplayer. Meanwhile, 10,000 poll reporters came from famous fan bases elden ring Content creators like ZioStorm and ChaseTheBro.

If you’ve played old FromSoftware games and tried PvP out there, “balanced” probably isn’t the first word that comes to mind. The word “flawed” might be more accurate. Despite this, fans participate in the social mode because it is different from most things that you can experience in video games.

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“Summons, covenants, invasions, duels, messages have always seemed to be an extension of the attractive game world, and not something that was ‘processed’ in order to be able to have it as a secondary selling point,” Amir, one of the co-founders of the PvP website Kotaku.

part of what determines elden ring Situation away from the public: This is the most popular game released by FromSoftware, so the number of people who could become players in PvP is much greater than before. Unsurprisingly, 70% of survey respondents say that multiplayer is overtaken by loopholes and exploits. For example, there is a helmet switching glitch that players unlock by switching between certain glintstone crowns. Doing so allows you to restore your HP no matter how many FPs (focus points) or flasks you have left, and without you having to stop using an item.

In the Poll resultsis a word cloud that collects some of the most commonly cited issues and offers a vague glimpse into the aspects players face, but remarkably, words like “Bleed” and “Bloodhound Step” are in bold.

The biggest complaints about Elden Ring's broken, groovy, and lopsided multiplayer mode are the biggest complaints.

Draw: Elden Ring PVP

Anyone who has had the misfortune to play PvP – or zones elden ring That generates NPC attackers based on realistic players designs, like facing Fia – you know exactly what your pain point is. It’s like everyone is running builds, Most likely powered by the highly hated Moonville Katana, Your health can be ripped apart in seconds by stacked status effects.

“The very short time it takes to kill another player is one of your biggest problems elden ring“PvP,” as the PvP website reads. “This negatively impacts the gameplay experience, with many players not getting a chance to strike back and experience combat before dying in seconds due to a single hit, or a quick series of attacks.”

How to get the desired Moon Katana in the Elden Ring

Really, references to the dominance of bleed builds are plastered all over the website. Part of the problem is that the already robust strategy is being pushed into hyperdrive thanks to lag. The site notes that players often have to deal with “phantom blows” that show they’ve successfully evaded an attack while their opponent’s screen shows that they’ve actually been attacked. Most fanatics already know how to deal with bleeding formations, but newcomers may not return after their first unpleasant, short-lived encounters on the Internet.

But even if experienced players know that, for example, you can only use a huge sword to interrupt your hungry opponent, or a construction with at least 60 strength and a lot of heavy armor can be a powerful defense against bloodshed, the bleeding mode still equals The overall experience. When one building is dominant, it limits the type of buildings that anyone else can operate if they want to be effective against the greatest potential threats. Much like players force themselves to stay within a certain level range to ensure a good multiplayer experience, the community has to support some kind of gentlemen’s agreement that people in PvP mode will not leave behind the same broken and boring structure. But there’s no guarantee they won’t, and you can’t blame gamers for using everything they can to their advantage – which is why fans feel so strongly that FromSoftware needs to step in.

Moonveil Katana, one of the most used weapons for bleeding formations, also seems to be a big problem. In addition to the fact that the skill weapon is a high-velocity projectile that exceeds the limits of most melee weapons, it also stuns opponents when surrendering – so you can keep whining at them. To make matters worse, the website notes that it “also breaks all forms of negative equilibrium and most cases [of] hyperarmor. “

“While there have been some improvements that we were personally looking forward to, there are [were] Many regressions in multiplayer systems [from previous games] Despite the developer’s best intentions,” Amir said, noting that even just acting in a multiplayer game is confusing. (Unfortunately, elden ring It makes it very easy to accidentally disable multiplayer even after using custom items to play the mode.)

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“PvP specifically has also fallen largely due to significant omissions on things like the damage meter, specific attack mechanics, status effects, balancing mechanics, bugs, etc.” Amir said. While games often don’t ship in perfect, balanced condition, part of what makes this frustrating for longtime fans is that they aren’t. the new FromSoftware Games Issues.

“A lot of the issues are repetitions of issues that were already raised and solved in previous games, and we point this out in a lot of our articles so developers can look up their previous solutions to similar problems,” Amir said.

Another highly hated ability, the Bloodhound Step, is also prominent on the site. On paper, the ability to quickly evade incoming attacks looks excellent – and it is when you’re up against a boss AI. But against others, this move is completely broken.

In online play, it effectively makes players invulnerable As long as they have FP and stamina remaining to continue using it,” the site reads. “It’s also much faster than sprinting, so it can be used to freely run away from any damage at will.”

There are a lot of other issues that aren’t just about the things people have been complaining about since the game’s release, of course. there AFK . farmers, who hide from the actual combat only to collect runes. And many players believe that the multiplayer rewards are not particularly motivating. But topics like game-breaking spells have entire articles dedicated to their shortcomings. Here, abilities like the Carian Slicer are highlighted – in this case, because the spell can be cast as fast as a dagger but with damage equivalent to a mighty sword. This single spell can, at times, destroy around 40% of a player’s health.

In short, many aspects of elden ringPvP spoiled. But oddly enough, in addition to providing some well-thought-out and nicely crafted notes for FromSoftware, the website also serves as a gateway to resources that anyone can enjoy. elden ringMultiplayer community.

Granted, it’s hard to be what kind of elden ring Like now. Everyone seems to be clamoring for another one of the best-selling game of the year, possibly in the form of DLC. But at least those who have gone through the singles campaign have proverbial bones thrown our way. Early updates to the game focused largely on quality of life changes, such as the addition of map markers and prompts, with some gameplay tweaks balancing a variety of builds. Important tweaks for aspects like bleeding are included in these mods, but in general, those who like to break a zigzag toe to conquer other Tarnished didn’t quite get the same kind of TLC that the rest of us have.

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