Citizen Victor Robles walked around Madison Baumgarner with a clown nose


A clown showed up at Juan Soto’s Circus on Sunday in Phoenix with Victor Robles wearing a red sponge nose in the dugout prior to the Nationals’ 4-3 win over the Diamondbacks. By the end of the day, Soto was still a patriot and LeBron James had made an impact on the hilarious scene.

“Something I will definitely do!” James wrote after sharing a photo of Robles wearing a clown nose on his Instagram story.

“King James said it, say no more,” Robles said after sharing the story of the four-time NBA champion on his Instagram.

The latest drama befitting of the Nationals season kicked off Saturday night, when the towering Robles hit their home ground outside of Diamondbacks’ Madison Baumgarner. Robles took his time to admire the 413-foot blast, an eighth-inning single shot that cuts Arizona’s lead to 7-2.

Bumgarner, a prominent defender of baseball’s unwritten rules, didn’t take too kindly to the Robles as he enjoyed his third home run of the season, taking the struggling baseball player’s percentage to 0.623.

“He’s a clown. Jolly,” said the 32-year-old Baumgarner. “No embarrassment. … No embarrassment. Like, it’s 7-1, you made your third home of the year, and you act like a record-breaking Barry Bonds. Clean it up. I don’t care about giving up the race. Hell, we won 7-2.” , 8-2, whatever it is. It’s frustrating. I’m the grumpy old man, I know, but that kind of thing – it wouldn’t normally happen. That’s ridiculous.”

“When he puts on a good show, he’s able to celebrate and do what he loves to do,” Robles said in Spanish through an interpreter for the team after Saturday’s game. “He seems to call everyone a clown who’s had a hit or ran home against him. If he doesn’t want anybody to run at his turf or have any problems with it, just hit people or bring the best pitches to where you don’t have to worry about that.”

While not everyone calls Bumgarner a clown, the 2014 World Series MVP with the San Francisco Giants has a history of attacking the speculators who get the best of him.

In 2015, Baumgarner yelled at Milwaukee Brewers player Carlos Gomez for having the guts to yell at himself for contaminating the pitch he thought he should have run off from. In 2019, Baumgarner’s longtime beef jerky with Yasel Puig again after former Los Angeles Dodgers players and a Cincinnati Reds pitcher pounced on his home turf by hitting him with a bat.

“It’s a quick study,” Baumgarner said sarcastically after the match. “It only took me seven years to learn how to hit this floor.”

Later in 2019, Baumgarner shouted at Max Muncie to run to first base after the Dodgers player impressed with a home run that landed at McCuvey Cove in Oracle Park.

After that, Mansi said: “I hit the ball and then he shouted at me.” He said: Don’t watch the ball. You’re running.’ And I just answered, “If you don’t want me to watch the ball, you can go get it out of the ocean.”

A few days later, Mansi and his colleagues wore T-shirts with the funny quote on them.

Robles’ clown nose might not inspire the jersey—he hit .32/.300/.321 for the worst team in baseball, after all—but it was good for some laughs as Soto’s trade rumors continued to circulate, perhaps surpassing Lucius Fox’s vomiting on the planted lawn in April As the most memorable moment of a dreary season.

Robles was removing the brace, which appeared to be taped to his nose with some kind of duct tape, before taking the court and making an ill-advised throw at the bottom of the first half.

“There’s Victor Robles, who Madison Baumgarner called a clown after last night’s game to celebrate a meaningless home race late in the game in what turned out to be a 7-2 loss to the Nationals,” Steve Diamondbacks. Berthiaume said. “So here’s Robles having some fun.”

“Is what I’m hearing true?” said Bob Carpenter, MASN man. “Does Victor Robles wear a clown nose in the dugout? Oh my God, that’s cool.”

The person behind the Nationals’ Twitter account enjoyed Robles’ post, but Nationals manager Dave Martinez didn’t find it very funny.

“I haven’t seen that,” Martinez said. “I heard about it. I’m going to talk to him. … That’s not who we are, is it? It happened; it was done. I don’t want to see that kind of thing.”

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