Cardinals trading deadline preview: Biggest needs, goals and trading chips as St. Louis looks to Juan Soto

The St. Louis Cardinals are looking to make their fourth consecutive post-season appearance. There is some pressure to make it happen and then to go deep. This is because the Cardinals made a surprising decision to switch from manager Mike Scheldt despite his track record of success. His place is first-time senior league captain Oliver Marmol.

The Marmol team has dealt with injuries this season, but they are heading toward the deadline in a wild card position and within the range of homebrewers for the top spot in the National Central League. This is exactly the type of team that should make deadline additions – a team for which one or two extra wins could mean a lot. Plus, the Cardinals have some clearly defined menu needs as we work our way toward August 2. So, to get an idea of ​​what improvements the front office should be targeting and what they can deliver to get these improvements, let’s take a closer look at the Redbirds and where they stand before the 2022 trade deadline.


The big story in St. Louis now is The team’s serious interest in trending trade swing For Washington midfielder Juan Soto. The Cardinals could already use another great racket in the lineup, and Soto is just that. His career got off to a legendary start, and he’s still only 23 years old. Of course it would take a historic investment in order for him to sign the extension, but he doesn’t qualify for free agency until after the 2024 season. There’s plenty of time to do something. Most importantly, the Cardinals can amass a team-controlled set of possibilities and talents that no other team can match. If the organizational will is there, they are likely to get something done.

Beyond that, the Cardinals desperately need to start promoting. Jack Flaherty is being sidelined with ongoing shoulder issues, and Steven Matz will likely miss the rest of the season with a tear in his left knee. This has been an entirely predictable problem for the Cardinals this season, but the property and front office have chosen to approach it with half measures over the course of the season. Now they’re desperate, which is the case even if Dakota Hudson (the neck) can get her back by the end of the week. The situation is one in which one could argue that the Cardinals should address the rotation first and then determine if a deal for Soto is defensible. Beyond that, the bulls’ additional depth would also be a reasonable chase.

Possible goals

Soto is of course the main objective when it comes to strengthening the squad. As far as rotations are concerned, any staging jar on the market whose profiles are at least useful should be taken into account. Possible solutions include Madison Baumgarner of the Diamondbacks, Frankie Montas and Paul Blackburn of the A’s, Luis Castillo and Tyler Mahley of the Reds (assuming Sensi is willing to trade within the division), Noah Sendergaard of the Angels, Martin Perez of the Rangers, Jose Quintana of the Buccaneers (again , assuming trade between divisions is a possibility), Chad Cole of the Rockies, Jordan Lyles of the Orioles, Brad Keeler of Royal Family, and Pablo Lopez of Marilyn. This is a huge contrast in terms of quality, but the Cardinals need roles.

Regarding Bullpen assistance, David Bednar of the Pirates, Joe Mantiply of the Diamondbacks, Michael Fulmer and Andrew Chafin of The Tigers, Daniel Bard and Alex Colome of the Rockies, Matt Moore of the Rangers, Paolo Espino of The Nationals will all be promoting the St. Louis relief group. This is of course not an exhaustive list.

potential trade chips

If the Cardinals swing a deal with Soto, prospective Jordan Walker, rookie Nolan Gorman, potential short-term Maasin Wayne, and some of the talent the team controls at the Major League level — Dylan Carlson, Tyler O’Neal, Harrison Bader, Brendan Donovan, or Tommy Addiction, for example – they’ll both star in. However, most of these names will only be carried over in the event of a massive Soto movie. In the rotation or assist trade, the Cardinal may be willing to discuss prospects such as catcher Evan Herrera, defenders Joshua Bayes and Alex Burleson, and right-handers Tink Hence and Gordon Graceffo. Whether it’s prospective MLB players or players who haven’t yet reached their high-paying years, the Cardinal has the resources to have a productive deadline – one that might make them the team that bests them at NL Central (not chased by faint praise).

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