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Veterans of 28 NFL Teams Report to Training Camp Today –
Summer is officially over for the NFL. It’s time for training camp. On Tuesday, veterans from 28 teams are scheduled to attend training camp. By the end of the day, all 32 teams will be officially open, with training beginning in earnest. Only the Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Rams have been fully informed before today. The Jags and Raiders participate in the Hall of Fame Game, and the Rams and Billers begin the regular season, which entails their previous reporting dates. Rookies have reported on most teams, but eight clubs — the Panthers, Cowboys, Broncos, Eagles, Steelers, 49ers, Seahawks and captains — have first-year players reporting alongside today’s vets. Likewise, quarterbacks and rehab players for several teams have already reported — like Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City and Lamar Jackson in Baltimore. With the training beginning, it’s time to get back to football.

NFL insider poll ranks Jalen Hurts tied with Carson Wentz as the 20 best quarterbacks in the NFL – BGN
Hurts is currently seen as a high floor and low ceiling starter. While there is some optimism he could improve, no one seems to think they have a chance of jumping to the special Level 1 . Serious questions remain about his ability to pass. He should be making big strides in this area this season. There is no good excuse for him not to think about the support the Vultures surrounded. In addition to keeping company with Wentz, here are other Hurts quarterbacks who share a layer with: Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo, Ryan Tannehill, Mac Jones, Baker Mayfield, Jared Goff, Trevor Lawrence and Jameis Winston. These are the quarterbacks that you pretty much “win because” rather than “win because”. The Eagles are hoping to see Horts improve after this class.

A look at where national media ranked Jalen Hurts among the NFL quarterbacks – PhillyVoice
The comment above reflects the general perception of Hurts domestically, as he is an accessible player due to his desire to be cool, but realistically doesn’t have a very high ceiling due to passing limitations.

Camp Time – Eagles Blitz
The world will be watching everything Jalen Hurts does this summer. Every good throw means the team is headed to the Super Bowl. Every bad throw means the team is better off spending a selection of the top 10 players on QB. This is the life of a young QB on a team with a loaded roster. Hurts knows this and must be prepared for it. We’ll have to wait and see if the pressure bothers him at all. One thing to keep in mind is that Huts spend their spare time working on mechanics, so it will likely take some practice to resolve some of the kinks. Working on your mechanics in a limited environment is quite different than doing it with blockers, receivers and defenders. The coaching rep goes from being all about you to being all about the offense. Don’t be alarmed if there are some early conflicts or inconsistencies. If Hurts is struggling a month from now, worry.

Ranking of all new replacement NFL helmets, from 1st to Saints – SB Nation
No. 2: Philadelphia Eagles Black Alternative. I’m generally not a fan of the Eagles who make a lot of uniform tweaks because I think they are blessed with one of the coolest color combinations in the NFL. I’m just a sucker for midnight green, what can I say? This helmet deserves an exception because the black and white contrast is so clean. I also like the subtle black metallic foil which helps make it pop a bit more.

The Eagles Training Camp List: What You Need To Know About All 44 Eagles In Attack – The Athlete
Sanders is entering the final year of his starter deal. Should the eagles extend it? Sanders is coming off the best season of his career as a defender on a per-carry basis, and as noted by Football Outsiders Almanac, he is one of only nine players after the merger with a career average of 5.0 yards per carry or better on at least 400 loads (although the Four of the other eight are also active players). Sanders is only 25 years old, has just 480 careers, and Nick Siriani loved him enough last season to make him one of the key players in coaching bubbles. Also, deferring contracts isn’t a bar, so extending Sanders might not seem like a bad idea. But there are also plenty of reasons why they don’t. One, playing alongside Herts and behind last year’s version of the Eagles attacking line, was as much of a friendly match as it was in the league. Second, Sanders’s habit of looking for the big play can sometimes be crazy. TruMedia numbers support this habit. While Sanders led their four Eagles backs in yards per deal last season, he ranked fourth in pass rate. Third, and perhaps the most damning, is Sanders’ decline as a future. As a rookie, he has 50 passes for 509 yards. In the subsequent two seasons, he collected 54 catches for 355 yards while going from seventh in receiving DYAR to 46th and 51st places. Paying big money back is usually unwise. This is especially true for a player who will not affect the game as a receiver.

10 Things I Need To See During Eagles Training Camp – NBCSP
2. I want to see a lot of Andre Dillard in the right intervention and even the goalkeeper. If I were Howie Roseman I would keep trying to trade Dillard, the more diversified it is, the more value it has. If it shows that it can be an efficient two-way intervention, it will become more tradable. No one would give up a decent choice of offensive tackle who can only play on one side. The Seattle match was a disaster. He wasn’t ready. But that was three years ago, and Dillard is a different man now. I want to see him get reps in both tackles and play on both sides in pre-season matches. If he shows he can do that, I think you can get a decent return in the previous first round.

The Ravens Sign RB Cory Clement – Baltimore Bitdown
Clement, who played college football in Wisconsin, spent his first four seasons in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles after being knocked out in 2017. He then spent the 2021 season with the Dallas Cowboys. In five years, Clement collected 795 rushing yards and seven touchdowns on 196 wagons while adding another 369 yards and three touchdowns as a receiver on 43 receptions. Clement will likely compete with Davis, Hill and Nate McCree for a place on the 53-man list. If neither Edwards nor Dobbins are ready for the season to start, two locations will open to take her among the group.

Longtime receiver Danny Amendola retires from the NFL – ESPN
Longtime receiver Danny Amendola has decided to retire from the NFL despite receiving interest from multiple teams this season. “It was better than I could have imagined,” Amendola told ESPN’s Adam Schefter about his career. [BLG Note: Former Eagles WR is calling it a career.]

The Giants expect to sign safety Andrew Adams – Big Blue View
Andrew Adams is back at the New York Giants, according to multiple reports, with Jordan Ranan of ESPN first to release the report via Twitter. Adams played for the Giants in 2016 and 2017 after coming out of Connecticut without drafting. He played in 30 games during these two seasons with 17 games. [BLG Note: Adams spent last year’s training camp with the Eagles before getting cut and returning to the Bucs. Now he’s back with the G-Men.]

The NFL may have accidentally leaked that the Dallas Cowboys have two new helmet options for 2022 – The Boys Blogging
That was last week when Dallas announced that they would be bringing their iconic tip-of-the-hat helmets (no pun intended) to the 1960s teams. Cowboys generally wore this helmet with their uniform on Thanksgiving Day, and this year they will be doing so against the Giants (by the way, New York will wear their throw in a Monday night game against the Cowboys). While some teams are trending with new alternatives and some teams are trending to bounce around the internet on Monday was surrounding the idea of ​​the Cowboys going with both. The popular Cowboys Nation fan account is run by a gentleman named Mike who was among the first to note that Dallas actually appears twice in the NFL advertisement graphic and has two different helmets on display.

A deep look at the leaders of Washington 2022 with Football Strangers – Hogs Haven
What is the best scenario for Carson Wentz in 2022? The best-case scenario for Carson Wentz is that the team is able to run the ball efficiently enough for Colts-ify, and he hits a massive amount of throws down the line with Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson. I don’t know if you meant this question to be a statement of value or a statement of results – I took it as results – but I don’t think there are many facts to hide the fact that Wentz is not a quarterback at this point. . I expect the leaders to come to this sooner rather than later and try to prevent him from destroying himself. But this proved to be something that many other smart coaches couldn’t do.

Terry McLaurin: Carson Wentz and I have started to build a really good personal relationship – PFT
“I think the cool thing is he and I started building [a] “A really good personal relationship, which I think is very important,” MacLaurin told Nikki Gapvala of The Washington Post. “And just being there and being able to, you know, finally put the action to the words now. It’s not just what a connection to this and that can look like.” I’ve admired him since he’s been at Philly since my first game of the season. I saw what he could do. And to see that live and start picking his brain, just start talking really, I think that was just one of the best parts of the whole weekend because now we start putting in the work and the time, because without that you can’t really get to what we really want to get to “.

Monday Football Monday #98: NFL Training Camp Titles – SB Nation NFL Show
RJ Ochoa and Michael Peterson have dissected some of the biggest bootcamp titles they’re excited about and others they dread.

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