49ers news: 3 takeaways from Lynch/Shanahan presser: ‘We’ve moved on to Trey’

Kyle Shanahan wasted no time on Tuesday morning sleeping who will be under center next season: “We went to Trey.”

No debate in QB

General Manager John Lynch said the team met Jimmy Garoppolo on Tuesday morning and they had a good meeting. Garoppolo will have a physical match on Tuesday afternoon.

49ers’Garoppolo Physical passing can speed things up as much as other teams are concerned. Shanahan doubled down on his desire to get something in exchange for Garoppolo, making it look like his release was not imminent. Jimmy’s base salary of $24.2 million is only guaranteed if he is on the list of 53 men. So, San Francisco has more than a month to figure out what they want to do with Jimmy.

Shanahan went on to say that this is Trey’s team and that it’s nothing against Jimmy, and the team made that decision a year ago. It’s strange to discuss this, but some outside felt there was little chance of Jimmy having Garoppolo on the list in 2022.

Transactions and add-ons

Aside from signing Robert Nkemdeci, Charlier Warner (starter) and corner back Jason Verrett (AFC Champions League rehab) will start an active roster/PUP training camp. Rookie defensive tackle Kalia Davis (knee) was put on a non-football injury.

Shanahan said Mike McClinchy, Javon Kinlaw and Aziz Al Shaer are all allowed to train, but the team will facilitate every player’s return. Don’t be surprised to see plenty of rest days for the trio.

The expectation is that Dee Ford will be launched this week, at Lynch. He said the league is going through some transactional matters but won’t add anything else. Nkemdiche will likely take the place of the Ford roster.

Debo Samuel went to training camp. Apparently, a deal could be struck sooner rather than later. “Hopefully, in the near future, we’ll be announcing something exciting for everyone involved,” Lynch said. Lynch added that the 49ers are focused on “getting something done.”

Samuel building a relationship with Lance is crucial, and he would be wise to motivate the Niners Deebo to get involved rather than jogging side by side without a new contract.

Somewhat surprisingly, Lynch said Nick Bossa will likely get a contract extension in 2023. Why? Well, the 49 players have a fifth year option that they can exercise on Bosa’s contract since it was a first-round pick. If San Francisco exercises this option, Bossa will earn $17.8 million guaranteed in 2023.

Lynch’s exact quote: “As long as we’re here, Nick Bossa will be part of the 49ers, and he’ll be very paid to do it.”

High praise for the list

Shanahan said he plans to speak to Daniel Brunskill first, but the plan is for Brunskill to play both the center guard and the right guard. Shanahan went so far as to say there would be “musical chairs” with plenty of competition in both positions during bootcamp. This can be seen as 49ers have too much depth or there is no solid plan. I lean towards the first and admit that the sporting center will support the offensive line.

Shanahan had high praise for Trey Sermon, who appeared in OTAs and the mini camp “clingy and in good shape.” Offensive line, running back, back corner hole, and possibly safety. We’re looking into some fun positional battles.

Shanahan loves where the roster is as of today: “It’s as good as the roster I got. I love our team. I think our squad is in a great place to hand it over to a QB who’s never played before.” This sounds like a coach who doesn’t expect the quarterback to be doing much of the heavy lifting this season – which has been the case for the past few seasons.

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