2022 Bold predictions for NFL training camp: Jimmy Garoppolo switches NFC West teams, trades Packers for receiver

Training camps are underway across the NFL. It is only a matter of time before the real games begin. Until then, all eyes are on the big names and tight position battles around the league. Some clubs pride themselves more on drama than others, especially when it comes to quarterback competitions. But all 32 went into summer thinking they could make some noise in 2022.

With that in mind, here are five bold predictions from across the NFL as campers start on high gear:

Deshaun Watson has been suspended for 12 games

Expectations about the Browns quarterback’s polarizing commentary have ranged from light to historically intense. But if the NFL pressed for an indefinite ban, as many reports indicated, it stands to reason that Watson wouldn’t escape without the discipline affecting most of his campaign in 2022. Consider other QB suspensions stemming from sexual assault allegations: Ben got Roethlisberger got four matches (after an initial referee of six) and Jameis Winston got three, but it resulted from individual accidents, while Watson at one point faced civil suits from 24 different women. . A 12-game suspension would deal a huge blow to Cleveland’s prized addition without completely erasing his chance of a fresh start late this year.

49ers Jimmy Garoppolo Pieces

That might not sound so bold, considering Garoppolo hasn’t had a strong commercial market this season, and San Francisco has waited for this process for perhaps a year long. But Jimmy J’s outright release would be a bold statement regardless – one that points to a real and irreversible investment in 2021, Trey Lance, the 2021 No. But at the end of the day, they won’t want to. hinder the appearance of lance As a leader on and off the field for an expensive backup with injury issues. Garoppolo’s departure will save them more than $25 million, although it will inevitably lead to…

The Seahawks sign Jimmy Garoppolo

It’s just so logical. That’s the last place he wants the 49ers to deal with, but at some point they’ll have to pay to keep Garoppolo for the long haul. And sure, Seattle has reportedly been lukewarm about other veteran QBs, but they I know Jimmy G, and it just so happens that he’s been cut from Pete Carroll’s favorite fabric – a point guard at his best when he’s tempted to run. Perhaps it could be Carson Palmer from Carol. At the very least, he could make the position more palatable until 2023.

The Patriots trade Nelson Agulur with the Packers

They’ve already offloaded N’Keal Harry, yes, but New England will save nearly $9.9 million by dealing with Agholor, and their depth chart leaves little wiggle room for his services, with Jakobi Meyers, DeVante Parker, Kendrick Bourne, Tyquan Thornton and the end Tight duo Hunter Henry and Juno Smith top the McJones reception team title. Meanwhile, Green Bay could quickly learn in camp just how much of a gamble it is for Sammy Watkins and Randall Cope to get started in 2022.

Jessie Bates III skips all the Bengals camp

Not surprisingly Bates Reportedly will not inform To start their practice this week. CBS Sports HQ’s Josina Anderson previously indicated that All-Pro Safety had no plans to sign the Cincinnati franchise this season. The truth is that the Bengals have failed to meet the asking price, as a building block for a title contender, for two years now. He may appear at some point during the season, to retain his free agency eligibility for 2023, but the trade is entirely possible.

Other predictions (more moderate)

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