Why almost all of your Instagram videos are now reels

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If you haven’t noticed, Instagram pushes Reels – an in-app TikTok clone –very Difficult. Since the introduction of Reels in 2020, the Meta-owned photo-sharing app has been asking people to use the feature (and Not just reposting their own TikToks there). Whether or not you’ve already created any Reels, you’ll soon have no choice: in the next few weeks, if you post a video under 15 minutes, will be reel. Here’s what you need to know.

What are the rollers again?

Instagram has been flirting with this idea for a few months now. in january, The company confirmed that it has started testing potential axis to REel for all videos, force change on a few users. At the time, a company spokesperson said the change was “part of our effort to simplify and improve the video experience on Instagram.”

The reels are short video clips that users can edit with special effects, filters, and separate audio tracks. Basically, they’re just like TikToks: There are basic audio clips that users can either sync or respond to, there are app-specific directions, and there’s an element of discoverability. Until this new change took effect, Reels had their own feed in the discovery section of the app and appeared in a unique tab on each creator’s profile, separate from other video offerings, such as IGTV posts. (IGTV posts will still be an option for any video longer than 15 minutes.) Unlike other videos, the reels take up the entire screen during playback.

There are many in-app editing features for Reels, including the ability to speed up and slow down And the Edit clips together. This sets this apart from the story feature or even the old way of posting videos on the network. Also like TikTok, any original sound a user adds to a Reel becomes a soundtrack that other grammarians can use in their reels. This is important later.

Other users will be able to use your Reel voice

Any video less than 15 minutes long will now become a movie, although videos posted before the change took effect will remain in their usual format. All these videos and reels will be available in one “Video” tab in the profile. Most importantly, any video content included in the carousel does that Not The rotors remain independent of the video tab, and remain in the regular grid on your page.

The most notable thing here is that anyone with a public account will now face the possibility of their original voice being used by other people in they reels, so be warned. Instagram also said in announcing the change that anyone with a public account is now eligible to view their reels and recommend them to more people via the Discover page. On the other hand, only private users will be able to view the reels (and sound clips) by followers. One thing users face Can Master the remixes, which are the equivalent of tik tok duo reels. In settings, you can toggle other people’s ability to remix your profile, and remove the option to repost your content by adding or reacting of their own.

In the next few weeks, the expanded Remix feature will also allow users to recombine generic images to create a reel or add their reaction to an existing reel after it’s played, rather than side-by-side while it’s running.

While Instagram is obviously snappy tik tokIt also borrowed a feature from another popular app, be realistic: With the new Dual feature, users can record with the front and rear cameras simultaneously, showing their content and reactions at the same time.

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