This is how Mexico reached the Qatar World Cup 2022: its latest results

Mexico national team Qatar gets its own ranking for the 2022 World Cup In some qualifiers complex and with many uncertaintiesRegardless of the fact that its management in the past two years has been a process full of ups and downs Gerardo MartinoAnd the

Three color group CONCACAF managed to seal its ticket at the last date of the qualifying stage, after that Dominate your counterpart in El SalvadorHe finished second with 28 points Canada And the best AmericaAnd the

After receiving the road, you see June’s friendlies and Nations League showed low levels, which added to the uncertainty. In the last six games just green Suriname You are NigeriaTwo teams will not play the World Cup.

In 2021, the Mexican national team played 23 matches, eight matches in the road to Qatar 2022 qualifiers, eight friendlies, two in the CONCACAF Nations League and the remaining five matches. golden bowlAnd the

This year, after playing 12 matches, in addition to starting the Nations League with two matches, concluding the confrontation with six matches, as well as four friendlies, their playload has been low.

Over the past two years, the Mexican national team has played a total of 35 matches, marked by a negative balance after two defeats in the Nations League and Gold Cup finals against the Stars and Stripes team, not excluding Canada and the United States. States. The defeat of America at home and the loss to the same team as a visitor.

This is the last match for Mexico.

Nations League: Jamaica 1-1 Mexico
Nations League: Mexico 3-0 Suriname
Friendly: Mexico 0-0 Ecuador
Friendly: Mexico 0-3 Uruguay
Friendly: Mexico 2-1 Nigeria
Friendly: Mexico 0-0 Guatemala
Qualifiers: Mexico 2-0 El Salvador
Qualifiers: Honduras 0-1 Mexico
Qualifiers: Mexico 0-0 USA
Qualifiers: Mexico 1-0 Panama
Qualifiers: Mexico 0-0 Costa Rica
Qualifiers: Jamaica 1-2 Mexico

Friendly: Mexico 2-2 Chile
Qualifiers: Canada 2-1 Mexico
Qualifiers: USA 2-0 Mexico
Friendly: Mexico 2-3 Ecuador
Qualifiers: El Salvador 0-2 Mexico
Qualifiers: Mexico 3-0 Honduras
Qualifiers: Mexico 1-1 Canada
Qualifiers: Panama 1-1 Mexico
Qualifiers: Costa Rica 0-1 Mexico
Qualifiers: Mexico 2-1 Jamaica
Gold Cup: USA 1-0 Mexico
Gold Cup: Mexico 2-1 Canada
Gold Cup: Mexico 3-0 Honduras
Gold Cup: Mexico 1-0 El Salvador
Gold Cup: Guatemala 0-3 Mexico
Gold Cup: Mexico 0-0 Trinidad and Tobago
Friendly: Mexico 4-0 Nigeria
Friendly: Mexico 3-0 Panama
Friendly: Mexico 0-0 Honduras
Nations League: USA 3-2 Mexico
Nations League: Mexico 0-0 Costa Rica
Friendly: Mexico 2-1 Iceland
Friendly: Costa Rica 0-1 Mexico
Friendly: Wales 1-0 Mexico

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