The Pixel 6 Pro case from Peak Design is worth the ridiculously long wait

Before Peak Designs showed off a phone case for my new Pixel 6 Pro, I had never heard of the company. Joe has requested many camera accessories from her in the past, but for me personally, the name was new. All I knew was that this phone case they were offering was the most amazing, stylish, and professional design I’ve seen available for my new Google device, and I had to get it.

I will, but not for several months thanks to “supply chain issues”. Believe it or not, I designed the Peak Designs Pixel 6 Pro Charcoal Phone Case all the way on the 7th of April this year. After three months and many emails back and forth with the company, I got it a few weeks ago. Before getting it, I was swinging the standard, clear plastic case from the Google Store.

This case is insanely popular and insanely hard to come by

Being honest with your customers isn’t a blatant science: tell people how it went, do what you can to make it less bad, and show some empathy. Generally when you do these things, your customers will show empathy in return. Relationships are built on mutual respect, and the best way to earn respect is to give it.

Adam Saracino – Marketing Director, Peak Design

After the Peak Design case has swung a bit now, I just want to assure you that despite this insanely long, frustrating wait, it was one hundred percent worth the wait. If you have an order right now and get multiple messages that your accessory won’t be shipped when it was supposed to be paid for again, it may be tempting to get your forty bucks back and go somewhere else, but you may regret doing so.

The quality you see in the photo above and everything you hear about the case is accurate and true. It’s very well built, the fabric doesn’t get dirty easily, it looks incredibly professional, and it feels comfortable in the hand. My only complaint is that the black plastic top of the case above the camera feels like it deceives a bit. Fortunately, it is not very easy to notice because it is a darker color.

Oh, one more thing actually – the camera hole on the case is not raised, which means that every time I put my Pixel on a flat surface like a tile or glass table, I was quickly reminded of the fact that I made direct contact with the glass in my phone’s camera, and I was worried A bit that I might scratch or break it.

These two aspects, I’ve never had a phone case made with such care and so high quality, I don’t know I ever will. Usually, companies with supply problems lose my business immediately, But the appeal in the case was so strong that I put it on hold for a full three months and I couldn’t be happier. I really don’t think Peak Design could have done more to get what they needed to create more inventory, Their customer service was incredibly nice and understand my frustrations.

I have yet to make use of the interesting slot on the back of the device for fixtures etc, and can’t wait to start exploring the possibilities once I have some free time to shop for a few things. If you share my feelings and would like to encourage those who are still patiently waiting for their daily status to stick with it a little longer, comment below and share your experience with the phone case!

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