The Jazz, Knicks and Pacers talk to the Lakers about Westbrook

The JazzAnd the nicksAnd the Pacers Among the teams I spoke to Lakers About potential deals involving Point Guard Russell Westbrook and project assets, sources tell Shams Charania of The Athletic.

The Lakers don’t appear close to striking a deal with any of those teams, according to Charania, who notes that trade talks at Westbrook could continue for the remaining two months of the season.

With the cap reached on Westbrook’s contract expiration so large ($47 million), it’s almost certain that any team acquiring it will have to send in at least two big contracts. And since few teams can put together a package that matches Westbrook’s salary without including at least one product rotation player, potential trading partners are asking the Lakers for compensation for the acquisition of Westbrook, who is having a disappointing year in Los Angeles.

The Lakers and Pacers have reportedly spoken about Friends Hield And the Miles Turner, but Los Angeles was unwilling to meet Indiana’s asking price, which is believed to be two first-round picks. According to Bob Kravitz of The Athletic, the Lakers offered Westbrook, a first player, and two second-round picks for Heald and Turner.

While they keep measuring Donovan MitchellIn terms of value in the commercial market, jazz can offer a mix of veterans such as Mike Conley ($22.68 million), Bojan Bogdanovic ($19.55 million), Jordan Clarkson ($13.34 million) and Rudy Jay ($6.18 million) in a deal for Westbrook and draft picks. Owner Beasley And the Patrick Beverly They are also potential candidates to trade in Utah and have more than eight figures, although neither can be bundled into a deal until September 6.

Meanwhile, potential candidates for the Knicks’ expensive business deal include Julius Randle ($23.76 million), Evan Fournier ($18 million), Derek rose ($14.52 million) and Cam Reddish ($5.95 million), though the team would be more willing to move some of these players than others, and wouldn’t want to compromise on their pursuit of Mitchell by jumping the gun in a separate deal that includes Westbrook.

Mark Stein previously reported that league managers considered both Utah and New York a potential landing point for Westbrook. However, Stein suggested that the Jazz and the Knicks might have been viable business partners for the Lakers only if the Mitchell deal went through first—particularly if Mitchell ended up in New York.

Stein explained that the thinking among these executives is that the Knicks might look to move Randle and his long-term contract if they acquire Mitchell. On the other hand, Jazz is supposed to be central to a large-scale rebuilding and will be open to trading more veterans for draft assets and maximum flexibility if Mitchell is no longer on their roster.

It’s unclear if any of the Jazz, Knicks or Pacers would keep Westbrook on their list if they would get it, or if they would simply buy it. Future draft and/or hat room choices will be the main drivers of any Westbrook mass trading.

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