The Amazing Story of Mario Kart: Double Dash Shortcuts

Mario Kart

picture: Nintendo / Kotaku

When Mario Kart: Double Dash Released back in 2003, it’s a major abbreviation on one of the game’s tracks – Waluigi Stadium—It was discovered almost immediately. The next shortcut won’t be recorded until 2018.

This is it immortality In the video games/running sprint years, there’s only one story behind it, and that’s why Summoning Salt compiled this 41-minute video about the entire ordeal.

As shown earlier in the video belowAnd the Mario Kart Games have a rather long history of falling apart! At least when it comes to Speed, anyway. They are perfectly fine for us We play casual and never notice a thingbut most of them had massive holes in their code that allowed for fast operation Players do everything from clipping inside their maps to Performing speed bumps Around The finish line to score seemingly impossible times.

Throughout all this exploration and exploitation, though, since almost the day it was launched The game stood above the others, seemingly impervious to any attempts to cut its corners: Mario Kart: Double Dash.

While one shortcut was discovered very early on, it remained the only shortcut any player would find for more than one file decade. The reason is what I think makes this an incredible story. There are impressive feats of capturing gaps from fast runners herenaturallybut the Nintendo development team also deserves credit for doing it One mission supports this game from exploitation as well, each track is encoded with a number of rules and conditions which means that it took until 2018 for the player to find a way to break them.

I should point out here that the definition of “shortcut” used in this video The obvious and intentional things that Nintendo circulates don’t always mean the same. It instead means an unintended shortcut, an acronym that relies on moderation or code exploitation to make some serious time savings.

Something, as you will see in the video belowIt took some hard work on the part of players like jumppanel. But once the first domino fell in 2018, with some boosting the Mushroom Bridge, it was only a matter of time until shortcuts were discovered on more tracks, from Bowser’s Castle to Mushroom City.

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