Soccer Strangers Predictions for Soccer Beginners

It’s the Outsiders football calendar again. An interesting part of this year’s calendar is the rookie predictions for 2022. Here’s how FO plans for three rookie New York Giants.

Kayvon Thibodeau

Football Outsiders use the SACKSEER view for edge defenders. This includes the following criteria:

• “Blowout Index” that measures a potential client’s scores in the 40-yard dash, vertical jump, and wide jump in pre-draft exercises.

• Sacks per game, adjusted for factors such as early entry in the NFL Draft and status keys during college.

• Defense passes in every match.

The SACKSEER rating for Thibodeaux, compared to previous players, is 86.0. Only Travon Walker (89.7), who was picked first by the Jacksonville Jaguars, received a higher rating.

In terms of production, SACKSEER expects 26.6 sacks for Thibodeaux, the No. 5 overall pick, during its first five seasons. Walker (27.2) and Aidan Hutchinson (26.9), the second overall pick in the draft by the Detroit Lions, were expected to have more.

Wandell Robinson

Football Outsiders use the playmaker’s score to predict success. The criteria, which are largely based on college statistics, are as follows:

  • A potential customer’s peak season to receive yards for each team attempt and receive touchdowns for each team attempt.
  • The differences between the peak season for this prospect and the last season, were a good fit for players who fell into their last year of college.
  • Rush attempts in every game.
  • A binary variant that rewards players who enter the draft as lower tier.
  • A factor that awards a bonus to those who have played on the same college team as other recipients who are expected to be drafted.

Robinson, ranked 43rd overall, has a 94.8 percent better rating from the playmaker than previous players.

Robinson Playmaker’s score of 432, his average expected yardage over his first five seasons, puts him seventh in the 2022 Novice class.

Daniel Bellinger

Football Outsiders is planning a tight final production with a new format dubbed ‘Travis’. Standards:

Peak season for a player to receive yardage for each team attempt.

40-yard dash time, either in the combine or on a professional player. • Age is under 23 as of September of the player’s junior year.

Expected draft position (not actual draft position) based on initial draft analysis by Scouts Inc.

Travis’ drop is the average number of yards a player receives during the first five seasons of his career. Bellinger, the sixth narrow end pick, scores Travis’ fourth-highest score, which is 197.

Only Trey McBride (Round 2, pick 55, Arizona Cardinals) with 395, Greg Dolch (Round 3, pick 80, Denver Broncos with 250 and Isaiah Likely (Round 4, pick 139, Baltimore Ravens) with 231) were predicted to do better. .

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