Sexton made an offer from the Cavaliers, a little less than he expected

Colin Sexton was on his way to what he thought would be a cap — or at least a stepping stone for custodian money, north of $20 million a year — to extend his rookie contract. Two seasons ago, he averaged 24.3 points per game for the Cavaliers, and the players with buckets get paid.

However, the 2022 calendar is about to roll into August, and Sexton, a restricted free agent, has not signed an offer sheet from any team. Nothing on the table. Part of that is Sexton only played in 11 games last season due to a meniscus tear that required surgery. Other teams also know that even when he was healthy, Sexton’s dominant style on the ball frustrated his teammates. All this led to a decrease in its market value.

He has an offer on the table from the Cavaliers, reports Chris Fedor from On the Wine & Gold Talk podcast (Tip of Hat Hoopshype).

“The Cavs made what I was told was a multi-year contract offer to Collin Sexton, an offer they feel is reasonable based on the fact that he has no market and no other offers. I was told the total money is close to $40 million. So consider a three-year deal. Worth $40 million. It’s way less than Colin initially wanted. I don’t know this is the kind of deal Colin and his camp would be willing to take.”

That offer is on the field for what other teams think it deserves, something that falls within the mid-level exception, according to league conversations I overheard in the Summer League. Other teams won’t bid for Sexton on this football field because the Cavaliers will be a match, and no team seems ready to go over the top and put in a bid that would make the Cavaliers hold back.

After the injury, there was a limited market for him, and in addition to his playing style, some teams saw him as more of a sixth man than a headguard. There’s been some grumbling about Dallas – who needs to create a shot after Jalen Bronson’s departure to New York – but they have 14 players on the roster, they have Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddy on point guard, already $14 million in luxury tax, and they used a mid-level exception for payers Taxes at JaVale McGee.

The only way Sexton can change the perception of him and get paid more is to get on the court and earn it. With the market where he is now and most of the team’s rosters filled up, Sexton will have to take less than he wants, but he’ll be looking for a shorter deal that brings him back to the free agency sooner.

There’s an offer on the table, and Sexton said he wants to stay in Cleveland.

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