Rare Cub Sweeping Campaign Provides Ideas For The Future, Best Beginners, Hendrix Shoulder and Other Cubs Bullets

Just one week after the start of the BN Trade Deadline Blogathon! We’re so close to lifting enough that I’ll have to do the full 41 hours (yes, an increase from 40 hours). Your generosity to Make-A-Wish is greatly appreciated!

  • Turns out there was a good reason yesterday I couldn’t think of another Cubs sweep of the season…no other sweep. This weekend was their first of the season, sending the Phillies in three. Why did you think they had another sweep this year? Anyway, when your first sweep comes in at the end of July, it probably wasn’t a great season.
  • If you like, though, you can display the Phillies campaign as an icon for How The Cubs could win in 2023: men like Nico Horner, Seiya Suzuki, Christopher Morell, Nelson Velasquez, Justin Steele and Marcus Stroman play important roles, another game is quickly created and succeeds (they do it every year!), and … Yan Gomez hits the bombs, on I do not think so? Maybe we’ll leave that part aside for now, and instead just note that the Cubs already have some The talent that will carry over to the next season. There is a lot that needs to be done to win in 2023, but I reject the idea that it is not possible. This weekend was, for me, a reminder of 85 wins or something entirely possible.
  • No Novice has a better WRC+ than Christopher Morell’s 136. Oh, well, unless you lower your board appearance threshold to 90 PAs, in which case a Novice beats Morrell. … P.J. Higgins at 142. (Oh, and Seiya Suzuki is a few clicks away again at 124, so the Cubs basically have the best budding players in baseball or something..)
  • Speaking of Higgins, I think it’s still important to be careful about the small sample. But we are approaching the “but” zone. As he hit so much all over the minors, he turned into a transforming catcher whose offensive breakthrough would always have come, and his BABIP dropped to the 0.311 level. Higgins walks (9.6%), fails (19.1%), and hits hard (241.). It’s the last time the ball hit gauges indicate a lot of luck, though, since the barrel rate (3.0%) and hard hit rate (27.3%) aren’t very impressive. Again, I’m almost ready to say “but”: Nobody actually expects Higgins to hit .277/.355/.518/142 wRC+ in the major leagues over the course of an entire season. He could drop significantly from here in these numbers and still be a very valuable third player, or even a true reserve player.
  • More on what’s worth seeing for the Cubs moving on, and how this weekend has been an iteration of it:
  • One point from this article: “It’s a small advancement like that for Steele and Thompson that can help them become a rotating back piece for the team – maybe more than that. Instead of paying for free agents like Jason Hammel and Tyler Chatwood to take on these roles, Cubs seems poised to finally be able to develop some initial offerings to fill in the gaps, and hopefully that means the money can be spent elsewhere. It’s what every healthy and thriving organization does when it really clicks.”
  • Immediately, it makes me think of how, if the Cubs have a healthier and more consistent development pipeline, they can often spend a lot of money on a higher free agent arm for a single rotation spot, rather than scattering money around to cover multiple spin points.
  • Speaking of next year’s course, I’m wondering if this will be the next time we’ll see Kyle Hendricks. He still feels the problem in his shoulder, so it will be a while before he can catch a baseball. who leaves september, Can, as a timetable for his return. “I’m working through a few things,” Hendricks said on The Athletic. “At least I started a strength program and got back to doing a few things. Hopefully, once I’m asymptomatic or near it, I can do some weighted things and start getting back in strength. From there, I’ll definitely catch a baseball…. The focus is primarily on just getting On full health. Then focus on next year for sure, but (hopefully) start some of them out in the end just healthy to have some confidence going in and know I’m doing the right things to go off season. The focus is definitely for me a full year next year to come back To health and getting right.”
  • Wade Miley will be throwing live BP today, and I think that makes it possible for him to deliver a minor league rehab game before the trade deadline. Whether that will happen, and whether it will be enough to prove enough value to the trade remains to be seen. I will not count on it. Drew Smiley, who looked great yesterday, will have to carry the torch as the bowler’s #1 trade target this year.
  • This, from Victor Robles, is perfect:
  • This, from Director Robles, is the height of irony:
  • If there’s anything unique to the Nationals this year, it definitely involves the clown’s nose.

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