Phillies are swept by cubs as needed to add before increasing the trade deadline

Velez needs offensive help, they need to start promoting, and both shortcomings were shown on Sunday afternoon as they were swept at home by the humble Cubs.

Phils lost 4-3. They were overtaken this weekend 25-7 by the Cubs, who entered 22 games under 0.500 and didn’t sweep a single series all season.

Whatever momentum gained in sweeping the road from the Marlins leading to the All-Star break was squandered. At the age of 49-46, Velez lags behind the Cardinal in last place in the Premier League.

Offensively, it was another futile effort, this one against left-handed Drew Smiley. The Phillies went to 21 for 101 (.208) in the series. They scored 10 runs last Saturday in Miami but averaged only 2.3 in their other nine games dating back to July 8.

“It’s a three-game story right now, not indicative for us as a group,” said Kyle Schwarber. “But we need to get the base and start producing runs.

“You can never be surprised by anything. This game will put you in the highs and lows. We can’t ride that wave. We can’t go out there and try to get more just because we haven’t scored a lot from this series.

“I don’t think we’re out looking for ghosts. It’s a good team and we’ll be ready to go into this next big series against the Braves.”

Phillies’ first hit on Sunday didn’t come until after two fifth-half wins when Bryson Stott doubled and netted a goal in Alec Boom’s song. They scored another sixth as the Cubs dropped two pop-ups and Rhys Hoskins hit an RBI single. Garrett Stubbs, who had a number of big hits as the reserve catcher, hit Homer solo in eighth but Phils couldn’t make up the difference in one round.

A violent drought coincided with Schwarber’s return to Earth. Schwarber helped Phillies overcome the early stages of injury to Bryce Harper by hitting seven homers and driving 13 times in his first nine games without the NL MVP governor, but he’s been 4 for 51 since with three walks and 22 hits. It was so hot for so long that a correction had to happen. The problem is that others haven’t climbed in his place.

“Like everyone else, you’re going to be hot, not hot,” said manager Rob Thompson. “It’s a big part of our attack with walking and running on his turf. When he doesn’t hit or hit none of our senior guys, it takes a toll.”

Nick Castellanos had another bad offensive match, going 1-4 with an offensive kick twice and a foul that opened the ninth inning of one game. Castellanos was dropped to fifth, the lowest level he had reached in the Phillies ranking. Over the last 65 games for the Phils, Castellanos has three home runs and 0.250 on a percentage basis. The boos increased after each time he did it on Sunday.

Phils put two men at the base with one in the ninth against David Robertson but Diddy Gregorios lined up outside and hit Stubbs to finish the match.

Billy Walter got the start. He is currently fifth in the Phillies course where Zach Evelyn has been sidelined for a month due to a knee injury.

Walter retired from the top six hitters he faced before the third inning. Jan Gomez started the frame with Homer solo and later doubled Christopher Morrell at Nelson Velasquez. Walter walked two in the half and hit the hitter, holding the bases with one but limiting the damage to only those two runs.

There was plenty of loud contact in the next half, with Gomez hitting a second Homer, Velazquez penetrating deep and smashing Muriel in one go from the left field wall.

More than just an assistant/starter, Walter has started six matches for Velez, and completed five runs twice. Phils 4-2 in his prime.

“He could probably get the next start but he gave up some strong balls,” Thompson said. “He has to locate a little bit better and go after people.”

The trade deadline is August 2, and the Phillies now have a clear need to start playing with the uncertainty surrounding Evelyn, who has dealt with knee problems throughout his career. Even if they don’t play at the top of the market for Luis Castillo, Frankie Montas or Tyler Mahley, the Phils need another Kyle Gibson-esque rookie who can get them a little deeper into the games.

Walther said he doesn’t think about his poor grip on the turning point.

“I’m not too worried about that right now,” he said. “I have to come out here and do my job and help these guys win baseball games.” “That’s all I focus on, I don’t really care about the trade deadline, we just need to win matches.”

This was an important series for Velez. They all count, but the next three games will be against the Braves, who have been the best team in baseball since June 1, going between 35 and 12. The Cardinals chasing the Cardinals, who are chasing Phils for last place for the wild card, have five games in the The week with two in Toronto and three in DC Cards, stars Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado will each miss two games for the Blue Jays series due to the Canadian vaccine mandate. to enter the country.

The Phils are set to face Max Fried, Spencer Strider and Charlie Morton in the next three matches. They are all strong clients. Velez Counter with Ranger Suarez, Aaron Nola and Gibson.

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