OnePlus 10T is missing the alert slider and Hasselblad branding: Here’s why


  • OnePlus has confirmed that the 10T will skip the alert slider and the Hasselblad branding.
  • The company says it had to make room for more important components in place of the alert slider.
  • The Hasselblad integration does not reach 10T for pricing reasons.
OnePlus is dropping the alert slider for its upcoming flagship – the OnePlus 10T. While the move has already generated some controversy, it is not without logic. In an interview with the edgeHope Liu, chief designer at OnePlus, revealed why the company decided to ditch the fan-favorite.

According to Liu, the alert slider was too big to fit in the OnePlus 10T, and had to give up enough internal space for other components like “high-power charging, large battery capacity, and better antenna signal”.

Some would argue that the alert slider is a small switch, so OnePlus could have accommodated it on the 10T. However, Liu explained to the edge that “while the wake-up slider appears to be a very small component, in fact it has a relatively large impact on a device’s motherboard space – taking up 30 mm² of space.”

The phone maker had to include “two charging pumps” inside the OnePlus 10T compared to the one in the 10 Pro that charges at 80W. It is rumored that the 10T can charge at a faster 150W.

The company also prioritized faster network speeds. The OnePlus 10T includes an antenna system with 15 separate antennas that help enhance connectivity when holding the phone horizontally.

“To ensure the OnePlus 10T is delivered in the areas we know our users will appreciate the most… while keeping the alert slider, we had to stack the device’s motherboard, making the device thicker,” Liu said.

There is no brand for Hasselblad camera

OnePlus also shared official images of the 10T with the post (see above), and another notable omission is the lack of a Hasselblad camera branding. OnePlus began its partnership with the camera maker last year, starting with the OnePlus 9 Pro. The OnePlus 10 Pro also features camera software tuned by Hasselblad.

According to Liu, the 10T beats Hasselblad branding because the company “wanted to offer a flagship smartphone with superior performance at the device’s chosen price point.” Does that mean the OnePlus 10T will be cheaper than the 10 Pro? We’ll have to wait and watch.

However, the company has confirmed that the OnePlus 10T will have a triple camera system on the back of the phone topped by a 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor. The OnePlus 10 T’s 50MP primary camera is accompanied by an ultrawide camera with an 119.9-degree field of view and a macro camera.

We also know the official colors now

OnePlus has also confirmed the two color options for the new phone, green and black. in Twitter shareThe colors are described as “Jade Green” and “Moonstone Black”. The phone launches on August 3 at 10AM ET.

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