Notes from Day 1 of Jaguar Training Camp: The acclimatization period is in progress

It was a little different today for Jaguar’s first bootcamp training under coach Doug Pederson.

Although the obvious differences were about the team’s new faces in coaching staff and roster, the team would be training for camp at a local high school, Episcopal School in Jacksonville. This is a temporary solution while the team works to complete the new training facility, the Miller Electric Center.

However, the training camp proceeded without noticeable hiccups, with the players joining their first delegates along with their new teammates, coaches and observers throughout the day.

For head coach Doug Pederson, moving off-site presents some problems logistically, given the 11-hour schedule the team has to work with the players every day, but he wasn’t overly concerned about the work the team would be able to do, even With about 10 minutes traveling from the field to the training grounds and back every day.

“We can get everything done here,” Pederson noted. “The only thing we have to be wary of is the weather, but that’s why we’re in the morning and hopefully the storms will stay away in the morning.”

In adaptive weather, the Jaguars will make a call ahead of time before training on whether they will stay on site at TIAA Bank Field and practice at Daily’s Place, or if they will make their way to the Episcopal site. In any case, not all bootcamp practices will be conducted outdoors, but only the majority of them.

Jaguar breaks ground in first training session of Doug Pederson’s era.
Kevin Nguyen

On the football front, for the first few days, Jaguars will go through an “acclimatization period”, to prepare their bodies for the tough days ahead and for the regular season.

“It’s an acclimation phase at the moment, so it’s a lot like OTAs where there isn’t a lot of physical contact, but it’s acclimation to get back into the training and running business.

“The way the workouts are scheduled from a time point of view allows players to build up some tolerance in their bodies for the next couple of days before we put the pads on.”

Here are some notes from Monday’s exercise:

1. James Robinson is about to come back

One of the biggest storylines that came out of the first day of training camp in Jacksonville was that running back James Robinson wasn’t in attendance during training. The third year’s back ruptured his Achilles in a Week 14 loss to the New York Jets last year, and there was no expectation that he would be ready for the regular season, let alone training camp.

However, Robinson was gently involved in training on Monday, with Doug Pederson noting that no players, including Robinson, would be put on the team’s PUP (physically incapable) list.

That means Robinson will likely not miss the first four games of the regular season, and is on his way to be fully involved sometime in August, which is a good sign for Jaguar’s backcourt.

“James is doing very well,” Pederson said when asked about Robinson before training on Monday. “He’s going to come out here and there. We’ll still take it slow and make sure he’s 100 per cent or better before we put him on the field.”

Pederson has stated that he does not want to set a timetable for Robinson’s return, but the team is looking forward to the veteran right-back’s arrival in mid-August. Then he should be able to participate in the more spacious parts of the camp.

“It’s a good sign. I know and I’ve seen how hard he has been working to get himself back this spring and this summer.” Pederson added.

“He’s been here all summer working with the players and with (Vice President of Player Health and Performance Jeff Ferguson) Fergie on the medical team. He’s done a great job putting himself in a place that we don’t have to do but we’re still careful with him and making sure he’s ready when he is. “.

Robinson’s likely return to start the regular season is a new development at Jacksonville, and it bodes well for his inclusion in the squad at some point before the start of the year.

2. Trevor Lawrence looks fragile, as he embraces new challenges this year

There wasn’t a lot of group training on the first day of bootcamp. In fact, the first day was reminiscent of spring during the organized team activities and small camp.

However, Lawrence completed six of his nine passes with the majority of those passes on target. One pass was thrown in the direction of veteran receiver Marvin Jones, and another was thrown in the direction of novice running back Snoop Conner, although it would have been a tough hitch.

However, Lawrence looked poised to get in and out of the jeep on Monday, managing to pry two defenders out superbly to signed free agent WR Christian Kirk. Kirk made a great, hard catch and managed to keep both feet inside until finish.

After practice, Lawrence talked about entering his second season, one he was able to better prepare for without all the hoops that go into preparing for the NFL draft. One major difference for Lawrence was understanding the NFL schedule a bit more.

“Really, I think just being able to monitor my body and take care of myself and make sure I’m ready and having that schedule from last year helps a lot,” Lawrence said after practice on Monday.

“You know, last year I really had no idea, and I was coming out of surgery, so it’s just been a weird year. So I feel great. My body feels really good. [My] The shoulder feels good. I feel like I’m throwing [the football] Best time I’ve had in a long time.”

Lawrence later stated that he feels more confident as the second year approaches, as expected.

3. Devin Lloyd is among them

Although there was some good news on the injury front in Jacksonville, moments later, Pederson shared some unpleasant news to start camp. Rookie LB Devin Lloyd was unable to participate in any part of training on Monday due to a hamstring injury during Sunday’s team conditioning test.

Pederson did not provide a timetable for the rookie booster, but both rookie LB Chad Muma and veteran LB Shaq Quarterman were able to step in for Lloyd’s place among the starting defense.

Lloyd was still able to take on some mental reps during camp, despite standing next to defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell through the majority of training.

The Jaguars quarterback breaks up the crowd during the first day of training camp.
Kevin Nguyen

Two other players who continue to deliver some injuries are reception/replay specialist Jamal Agnew, who suffered a devastating groin injury last year, and freestyler Darius Williams, who is dealing with an undisclosed injury he has dealt with. Since earlier this spring.

Williams and Agnew were able to engage during some parts of camp on Monday but were conducted outside of the more extensive rehearsals in the latter part of camp.

Agnew, Williams and Lloyd will all be important to Jacksonville this season, so keeping them off day one, even if injuries aren’t seen as serious, is a good thing.

“I’m just going to say this, we have two guys who came out of conditioning testing yesterday – Jamal Agnew is the guy we’re going to go through with him ‘day in and day out’. He’s going out here to do some solo work, work with our medical team. With him day in and day out,” Pederson said.

“Devin Lloyd is someone who is likely to waste some time. He has a bit of a hamstring that came out on him yesterday. Nothing too important, but we will be careful with him and give him some time.”

4. Jaguar’s offensive line competition really presents a plot

In what is likely to be one of the main events during camp in Jacksonville this year. The first day of the camp’s start offensive line created some intrigue today, particularly in the middle of the line.

On Monday, OL (left to right) turned out to block Cam Robinson, left goalkeeper Tyler Shuttle, center Luke Fortner, right goalkeeper Brandon Sheriff, and right save Joan Taylor. At the moment, the only players currently locked into their roles are Robinson and Sheriff, with the rest of the class remaining in flux.

Although it’s likely to change a bit day in and day out as camp moves forward, Fortner getting a nod over Shuttle in the center is intriguing. Indoor OL of Kentucky was selected with the first pick in the third round this year (pick number 65) and is likely to play in some form to start the year.

Shuttle, who is entering his ninth year at Jacksonville, is another player expected to get some sprints with the first unit this year. With his versatility playing both centerback and goalkeeper, Shuttle has become one of the most important pieces at Jacksonville OL as they look to rebuild it with new OL coach Phil Rauscher in charge.

Although we didn’t see the pads appear (likely on Sunday), the tag team’s OL squad will see another heavyweight bout with Taylor, a four-year veteran, facing off against the second-year OL Walker Little for the right attitude address. Look for this starting lineup to move around the camp, too.

After the practice, Lawrence praised Fortner, noting that while he didn’t have many reps with Fortner, he’s been pretty good so far.

“I think he did a great job once he caught the offense, for a really smart guy,” Lawrence said of the apprentice. And then physically [he] Looks great, looks great. I got a lot of rep today, so it’s good to get him in there and get a little more comfortable there. I think he will do a great job.”

5. Jaguar Defense has new faces on day one

Although still incredibly early, it’s clear to see what Jaguar’s starting lineup can look like going forward, particularly when the passing group is on the field.

During a portion of training, high school seniors Andre Cisco, Rayshon Jenkins, Chuck Griffin, Tyson Campbell, and Darius Williams appeared on the team.

Jaguar safety Andre Cisco and rookie CB Gregory Jr. at training camp.
Kevin Nguyen

The team’s full-back unit featured a combination of Fouye Oluokun and Shaq Quarterman/Chad Muma, while the defensive line featured Josh Allen, Dawaune Smoot, Roy Robertson-Harris and Travon Walker.

During the team’s starting set, defensive tackle Foley Fatukassi was included in the squad, along with veteran DT Malcolm Brown.

The team’s secondary level is one of the most noticeable changes with Andrew Wingard in a competition to start with Cisco. Last season, Wingard was a key participant in the team’s start-up unit, while Cisco mainly took delegates with backups.

Williams will be the team starter with Trey Herndon as the team’s backup, at least for now.

The Jaguars defense has been given a talent boost over the past couple of off-season, and it’s probably one of the most fragile units seen throughout the camp and into the regular season. Although the team has some new faces involved now, it’s definitely heading in the right direction.

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