MLB Weekend Summary: Red Sox crushed by Blue Jays; Aaron Judge extends lead on home ground; Cubs sweep Phyllis

The first weekend of the second half is in the books and the MLB trade deadline is a little over a week old, and the next few days will be busy with baseball. Let’s dive into what you need to know about this weekend’s work.

Weekend highlight: The 4 most exciting runs the Blue Jays have scored against the Red Sox

Here’s a simple rule of thumb for this feature: If a player achieves a Grand Slam inside the park, as Blue Jays player Raimel Tapia did Friday night against the Red Sox, they’ll receive a spotlight in honor of the weekend, no questions asked.

Of course, it would make sense to wonder what exactly Red Sox player Garen Doran was thinking during the sequence, which you can watch below:

Lost the routine Tapia fly ball rotation in the sky. He turned and saw the ball bounce off the wall, and instead of chasing it, he took a step or two and stood there while left-back Alex Verdugo recovered and put the ball back on the field. By then, Tapia (and three other Blue Jays) were able to sneak across the board and extend their lead as far as they would go.

“He just lost her in the twilight,” Doran told the Boston Herald after the game. “I mean, Dougie was already there. Obviously I should have taken a step or two but he was already going to beat me to the ball, so I didn’t want to get in his way. What if I ran into that and hit him or something? But, the time The next I know I’d take a step or two, but he was already going to hit me on the ball.”

The Blue Jays defeated the Red Sox on FridayIncidentally, he scored 28 rounds on the way to creating new franchise records for themselves (play counts) and Red Sox (plays allowed). The Red Sox lost five games in a row, 67-13. The operating difference minus 54 is the worst by any team in any five-game period since at least 1901.

The Phillies kicked off the All-Star break at their highest, and swept the Miami Marlins in three games. Unfortunately, they went the other way to start the second half. On Sunday, the Phillies fell to the Chicago Cubs by 4-3 (box points), completing a three-game sweep of the process.

Cubs hunter Yan Gomez crushed two runs at home, giving him five for the year. Rookie Rookie Nelson Velázquez also launched his fifth home run of the season. Meanwhile, starter Drew Smyly grabbed Phil Phillies to two runs (one of which took him) four hits over the course of six innings. He hit four hits.

By opponent in the Friday and Saturday games, Phillies won 25-7 by the Cubs, or an average of six runs per game. That, in the words of former Velez captain Joe Girardi, is not what you want.

The Phillies, 49-46 on the season, are a game behind the St. Louis Cardinals for third and final in the National League.

The judge expands the lead at home

Yankees quarterback Aaron Judge was a whale this weekend against the Orioles. He went 8 for 13 with two doubles and three home runs in the three games. The judge led eight runs. Homer on Sunday had a 456-foot blast over the new left field wall at Camden Yards:

Sunday’s Homer was also the 37th judge of the season. No other player has more than 30 house chambers. Judge has a chance of becoming the first player to enter August with 40 home runs since Barry Bonds and Luis Gonzalez did it in 2001. The Yankees are out on Mondays, then they’ll play six games (two against the Mets and four against the Royals before turning on Calendar to August 1.

Brave angels explode to end the drought

The Los Angeles Angels defeated the Atlanta Braves on Sunday, winning 9-1 (box points). Along the way, the Angels broke a ridiculous stretch that didn’t see them win a game that a bowler other than Shohei Ohtani had started since June.

Prior to Sunday’s game, started by the Red Detmers, the Angels have not won another bowler on the hill since June 27. This competition was started by Noah Syndergaard.

Detmers made his turn on Sunday, by the way, throwing five stopping innings. Offensively, the Angels were knocked down by catcher Max Stacey, among others, while leading in three runs. Coincidentally, Otani was uninjured on Sunday, although he scored.

Arenado Cardinals, Goldschmidt Miss Blue Jays Series

The St. Louis Cardinals will head to Toronto for two brief games against the Blue Jays this week. When they do, they will be without all-star corner players. Both Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado have not been vaccinated, which means they won’t be able to make the trip to Canada. (Canada, like the United States, requires all travelers to be vaccinated against COVID-19.) You can read more about that story here.

Rodriguez is still out

Seattle Mariners’ Julio Rodriguez missed the third game in a row on Sunday with bruising to his left wrist. Rodriguez, who underwent an MRI that confirmed this diagnosis, injured his wrist in an attempt to base a stolen post last Sunday. He has participated in both the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game, but has yet to play in the second half. At least he could still put the sailors on the injured list. You can read more about that story here.

on deck

Citizens at Dodgers (three games starting Monday): Normally we wouldn’t highlight a lopsided match like this, but this is a commercial season and rumors are circulating about national defense player Juan Soto. It is at least likely that this will be among his last matches with Washington. Soto is also likely to play against his next team. How is that for machinations?

Yankees at Mets (two games start on Tuesday): We’ll be getting a mini-series Subway this week, where the Yankees and Mets play each other for the first time this season. This could be a World Championship preview, depending on how the two teams play this year. They are scheduled to meet again in late August.

Twins at Brewers (Two games start on Tuesday)MLB’s two most-overlooked division leaders will also be enjoying a sneak peek at each other this week. They just met earlier in July, with each team claiming wins in two other groups.

Mariners at Astros (four games starting Thursday): The Mariners and Astros completed one series on Sunday, and they will see each other again next weekend for an extended set of four matches. The Mariners aren’t a real threat to the leadership of the Astros at this point, but this could be a watershed preview after all.

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