Jacksonville Jaguars hope quarterback Trevor Lawrence makes the leap for a second year

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Jacksonville Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence is definitely in the right frame of mind and in a much better position to become the next quarterback to take the big leap in his second season.

Lawrence has more playmakers around him, is in a stable environment and says he feels more confident and comfortable than he did last year as a rookie. Plus he’s healthy and never wondering what to expect at the same time he’s trying to figure out how to adjust to life in the NFL.

So should the expectation be that Lawrence will light up in 2022?

“That’s the goal: to make a big leap in the second year,” Jaguars coach Doug Pederson said. “I think based on the last year, the fact that he played the whole season, we can build that and really expect the sky-limiting mentality with him. He’s in the same mental state as well. He wants to take that next step, not just in his growth but in leading a football team this foot.”

Pederson is one of the main reasons to believe Lawrence can make it happen. He turned Carson Wentz into the MVP nominee and won the Super Bowl – beating Tom Brady and Bill Belichick – with Nick Foles. He’s also the former NFL quarterback and hired an attacking team that included three other coaches who were either college or NFL QBs: coordinator Bryce Taylor, quarterback coach Mike McCoy and passing coordinator Jim Bob Kotter.

Having an ordinary head coach working with the Jaguars’ NFL experience can’t be overlooked, because that’s all Urban Meyer wasn’t in 2021. The dysfunction and disruption that Meyer created within the organization, questionable coaching decisions (such as Duran Lawrence first-team reps with Gardner Minshew in camp) and the distractions he caused off the field didn’t exactly provide a stable and caring atmosphere for anyone, let alone a rookie quarterback.

Lawrence suffered 12 touchdowns and 17 interceptions on the season, though he capped his best game in the end against Indianapolis. He was hurt by the fact that the Jaguars dropped the most passes in the NFL (39), but he played poorly at times. At times it seemed like a new generation was seen to exist, but not enough to win more than three games.

“There are a lot of motives [for the team]’ said Lawrence. Obviously, individually, personally, I want to prove that I belong here and that I am the player I think I believe in and this organization believes that I am.

“As a team, I think we have a lot to prove. Last year wasn’t great, and I know the guys in this locker room are ready to prove some things this year. Having that drive and then having this new one is a chance to get a clean slate. Everyone starts at the bottom and they have A chance to progress. This is a special opportunity we have this year. We have a good enough squad to win as many matches as we want to.”

The addition of receivers Christian Kirk and Zee Jones and the end of Evan Ingram’s court in free agency plus the return of Travis Etienne returning from a season-long injury at Liesfranc gives Lawrence even more playmakers. Signing All-Pro right guard Brandon Sheriff will help bolster the offensive line. What also can’t be ignored is Lawrence’s comfort level. The experience of knowing what to expect in terms of his daily schedule and schedule, how he manages his body and mental grind for a long season, as well as being completely healthy (he underwent surgery on his left shoulder without throwing in February 2021) are the main reasons. This also increased his confidence.

“Having that schedule from last year helps a lot,” Lawrence said. “Last year I really had no idea and was coming out of surgery, so it’s been a weird year. So I feel great. My body feels really good. The shoulder feels good. I feel like I’ve been throwing it the best I’ve had in a long time, so I feel good.”

“…No matter how well or poorly you did in the previous year in some games, it doesn’t really matter, you still have that experience to draw on so you can have a little more confidence. I think driving too. It helps because you’ve been here for a year. Everyone is different, but I know I definitely feel more confident and comfortable this year than I did last year.”

Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, Keeler Murray, and Lamar Jackson sure felt the same way in their second seasons, too. Jaguar is hoping for a similar boom.

“I don’t like to compare that [him to other quarterbacks]”Working with Trevor, getting him where he needs to be – again, it’s an exciting time for him, us as a crew, to really embrace him and the team and all the pieces we have around him,” Pederson said. ”

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