Huawei, Foxconn, and other Chinese companies are in a ‘closed loop’

Huawei office in Shenzhen, China.

Technology and manufacturing workers will again be prevented from leaving their employer’s facilities for a period of time in a Chinese city, in an effort to continue production, while hampering the spread of c.Ovid-19, according to a report From Bloomberg News. The latest round of lockdowns is in Shenzhen, as the government makes some of its largest companies enter a “closed loop” in response to the latest wave of lockdowns.Ovid-19 cases. Under the strategy, employees’ movements and contacts with people outside their workplaces are significantly restricted.

The restrictions appear to apply to many of the city’s 100 largest companies, including tech giants such as telecoms company Huawei, iPhone maker Foxconn and chip maker SMIC. Gizmodo was not immediately able to verify the Shenzhen government notice referenced by Bloomberg. Although the South China Morning Post similarly mentioned That the closed-loop strategy began on Sunday in Shenzhen, and will continue for the next seven days, according to unnamed “industrial sources with knowledge of local government directives.”

From China Morning Post:

The transition to a closed-loop operating mode, which includes control measures such as locking workers inside a compound and performing daily DNA testing, remains the transition strategy for mainland factories to keep production on track, while minimizing the risks of spreading the coronavirus.

The outlet further wrote that the strategy is only implemented on corporate campuses with worker accommodation and manufacturing facilities on site. but, Previous reports Lockdowns described forced workers to sleep on factory floors. This is not the first time that technology and manufacturing employees in China have been prevented from leaving their workplaces in recent months. Tesla’s Shanghai factory, along with other manufacturers in Shanghai, operates under Closed loop in April.

Huawei, SMIC and Shenzhen officials did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment. In an emailed statement, Foxconn Technology Group said: “Operations are normal at Foxconn’s Shenzhen campus. The government’s epidemic prevention policy is being followed to ensure the health and safety of employees and optimum operation of production lines.”

Shenzhen is the technology and manufacturing center. The city of nearly 12.6 million people is home to many headquarters, factories and facilities from well-known national and international technology companies such as drone maker DJI, social media company Tenent and ZTE Corp. The city, it is often compared to California’s Silicon Valley. , you mentioned 21 cOvulation cases on Monday according to local health commissionand 19 total cases Sunday. The entire Chinese mainland I mentioned 966 New cases of virus infection on Sunday.

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