How the dodgers can trade with Juan Soto

Juan Soto is (maybe) on his way out of Washington?!?

So, unless you’re living under a rock, the news that has rocked the baseball world this Deadline Commerce season is the news that the citizens of Washington are directing Washington’s generals and are willing to entertain the trade for their star young player Juan. Soto, after refusing to extend a 14-year contract worth $440 million.

It’s worth noting that the Nationals are so bad this year that, last year, the Nationals decided the championship window was a fluke (or more likely the direct result of the Dave Roberts Playoff Overmanagement Express, but that’s also a topic again) and started splitting the team for parts last year. The Dodgers took direct advantage of this situation, securing Trea Turner and Max Scherzer for Josiah Gray and Kibert Ruiz in the trade deadline last year. It worked out fine…until it didn’t, but that’s another story for another time.

Needless to say, Juan Soto tried to dismiss the rumors (unpaid), then went out and won the Home Run Derby himself at Dodger Stadium. Furthermore, he was so sung by the crowd at Dodger Stadium, during the All-Star Game, that he was late to return to the dugout between roles:

In situations like these, I tend to play Doubting Thomas. In 2017, I wrote that the Dodgers didn’t need to get anyone on the deadline, after which the Dodgers went crazy, which went so well until trash cans got involved in Houston.

During the lockdown, there were discussions that the Dodgers were going to sign Freddy Freeman and I thought those discussions were on the verge of absurdity. I even wrote at length about how logically and financially it didn’t make sense for the Dodgers to be in this position. But to my shock, In fact, the Dodgers signed with Freeman. So what the hell do I know?

Needless to say, if the citizens are run efficiently, the dodgers will Not To be in a position to acquire Juan Soto. But again, we are where we are. And as usual, those who know do not speak and those who do not know will not stop. Well, this fact will not prevent those interested from talking about it. Plus, I have COVID again – so going to Denver was in doubt when this article was drafted. Because, unlike the 2022 Dodgers, I can’t stop my health this season.

Juan Soto: Ted Williams, Latin star, come again?

Juan Soto has been compared to the greatest hitter ever, the kind of person John Wayne imitated all those years. Let’s face it, the kid, Ted Williams, was the real deal. So it was shocking when’s Mike Petrillo started this argument that Juan Soto could be compared to Ted Williams (as a matter of serious debate) back in November of 2020, as Jason Stark of The Athletic continued the controversy and comparison in 2021 (unpaid). ).

While preparing for this article, I learned that Ted Williams was of mixed ethnicity, and was ashamed of his Mexican-American heritage until later in his life. Regardless, talk about Negro Leaguers being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Without further ado, if I’m going to make the quantum leap for Andrew Friedman or if the Dodgers stops permanently ignoring me via messaging and social media, this is the trade I’d suggest.

Now I’m not suggesting the Dodgers trade the Mookie Betts – what silly and incompetent team would honestly do?

In the Mookie Betts trade, the Dodgers were able to pry the Betts out of Boston for less distance than one would expect because the Dodgers got half of David Price’s contract. If only the citizens would hold a similar albatross to dump it… (Sorry, Mr. Price, you seem cute and been moderately influential at the bullseye.)

Enter Patrick Corbin.
Brad Mills – USA TODAY Sports

In 2022, as of this article, Mr. Corbin went from 4 to 12 years (it happens) with an ERA of 5.87 (new) and made $23 million (/gasp) with an additional 2 years on the deal (that’s not too bad) with a contract. Final year worth $35,000,000 (F). The terms of this contract combined with this poor level of performance usually get someone fired and/or ridiculed for years.

Dodgers family members have a well-stocked farm system and a lot of money; It’s time to take advantage of both.

Dodgers will get:

  • from Juan Soto
  • P Patrick Corbin (and agrees to pay his entire remaining salary in 2022, and all of his salary in 2023 and 2024)

Citizens will get:

I’ve seen suggested trades that offer the equivalent of trying to keep citizens on top of a barrel. Citizens are not above a barrel. However, through their incompetence, they set a timer for the maximum amount of trade return. Although to be fair, for someone of Juan Soto’s ancestry, it’s virtually impossible to come up with an equal trade. For example, the current predicament of citizens: They will trade potential future winnings from a once-in-a-lifetime winning lottery ticket for… More lottery tickets?? (Unpaid Subscription Ban System).

Any suggestion claiming Tony Gonsulin or Gavin Lux is not a start in my view because if the Dodgers create a hole in the second base, does that now mean the Mookie Betts is the new second man? This situation seems absurd. Furthermore, the trade gives a ready pitch for the National Major League, which can be supplemented by the addition of Michael Grove or Mitch White. It may stink to lose Mae and other prospects, but deals like this are the reason you separate from the young players. Sometimes they switch to the Oneil Cruz, but that’s an issue down the road, not an issue at the moment.

The Citizens get immediate payroll relief and a solid core of three players helping their team now, as well as a possible future top of the rotational arms in May, once he’s back to full strength and Pepiot.

Dustin May is the headline for this bundle and has been where Gonsolin is now – finally breaking his true potential as a first-class rookie. The Citizens already got their daily hunter at Keibert Ruiz last year, so there’s no reason to trade with Diego Cartaya. Pepiot will probably start now, unlike Bobby Miller, but if the citizens want Miller instead of Pepiot, I can live with that exchange. The trio of Pages, Busch, and Outman can serve as a young core who doesn’t need to rush into big business. McKinstry and Alvarez likely start on a bad team and play more regularly on a less stacked team. In one fell swoop, the Citizens were rebuilding their farm system and getting regular players with the rebuilding process speeding up by two to three years, with two major contracts cancelled. Personally, I will give Soto what he wants to stay in Washingtonbut if the Citizens are ahead — well, as with the Cumberland baseball team and Freeman, their loss could (and should, in this case) be the Dodgers’ gain.

Furthermore, this trade also has the added benefit of improving the Dodgers without mortgaging the future and keeping Soto out of the hands of Padres and the Giants. I don’t think much of the “giants” or the “badres”, but I realize that other parts of the fan base often do.

agree? Disagree? Do you have your own ideas? Then share them in the comments! Nobody is technically wrong about a potential trade until proven otherwise. Perhaps you have a business idea that includes Cody Bellinger, Mitch White, Will Smith, and Michael Grove and would like to share it. She might trade Bellinger and White with Kansas City for Scott Barlow and Andrew Benintende. Maybe nothing happens at all. Juan Soto may end up as a cardinal of sorts. This uncertainty is the fun at the heart of the trade deadline season.

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