Eagles Boot Camp 2022: Show list of 53 men before camp

Al-Nusour report on a training camp this week with a list of 90 players.

They should drop to 53 in just a few weeks when they enter the 2022 season, so there is a lot of work to be done.

This year, NFL teams must reduce their rosters to 85 players by August 16, to 80 players by August 23 and to 53 by August 30.

While there are many players locking in to make up the squad, there are plenty of places to grab this summer. Before those fights happen, here are my besties on my list of 53 players for the 2022 season:

Quarterback (3): Galen Hurts, Gardner Minshaw, Carson Strong

There is still a chance of spoiling the Eagles with a commercial bid for Minshew, but it seems likely that he will return for the 2022 season. This is now a team with hopes of entering the playoff this year and the QB reserve position is important. The Eagles may need Minshew to win a game or two for them in 2022. As long as Strong is healthy, I expect him to overtake Reid Sinnett in this #3 position. The Eagles lured Strong to Philly with plenty of money secured as a UDFA.

Out: Red Sennett

Running Back (3): Miles Sanders, Kenny Jenwell, Boston Scott

These three feel safe. Sanders has struggled to stay healthy the past two years, but he hit his all-time highs last season in the YPC. Meanwhile, Gainwell and Scott have proven to be strong contributors. The Eagles have two other players on the roster of 90 battling for a spot on the roster that might not exist. However, one or both of them can land in the training lineup if the Eagles only keep three.

Directed by: Jason Huntley, Kennedy Brooks

Recipient (6): AJ Brown, Defonta Smith, Quays Watkins, Zach Pascal, Galen Regor, Britannia Kofi

The first four are locks. Brown, Smith, Watkins, and Pascal are a good, deep group of enemies. After that, things get tough. Rigor may not deserve another chance but he was a former first-round pick and the Eagles may not be willing to give him up just yet, especially since he’d have a dead top character if they cut him. Covey may come as a surprise, but he has impressed his coaches and fellow OTAs and is the kind of dynamic returning guy the Eagles haven’t had for quite some time. Keeping it is kind of a luxury, but it can be fun. After that, Allen may be able to land in the coaching staff this season.

Directed by: Devon Allen, Dion Kane, Josh Hammond, John Hightower, Greg Ward, Kirk Whitfall

Tight End (3): Dallas Guedert, Jack Stoll, Grant Calkatira

Goedert will be the No. 1 tight finish for the Eagles this season. He shared this job with Zach Ertz to start the 2021 season. Stoll handled the second round well last year after the Ertz deal but wasn’t asked to catch many balls. This is where Calcaterra comes in. The sixth-round pick is a narrow F tip that can play tracks like a receiver. JJAW’s transition to the narrow end wasn’t going to be easy and you missed it. Also, he put Jackson in PUP to start the season. Eagles like him and this is a way to keep him around.

Directed by: JJ Arcega Whiteside, Richard Rodgers, Noah Tojiai

Puppy: Terry Jackson (ACL)

Forwards (9): Jordan Millata, Landon Dickerson, Jason Kelsey, Isaac Sumalo, Lynne Johnson, Andre Dillard, Cam Jurgens, Jack Driscoll, Soa Obita

Some tough decisions here up front. The Eagles kept 10 offensive elements last season, but were able to afford to lose this year due to the versatility of some backups. There will be competition for those spots in the last list. Kayode Awosika and Le’Raven Clark were the hardest to cut. But Awosika may still have access to the coaching staff and Clarke is a seasoned veteran so the Eagles can play that game and bring him back later to avoid his paycheck being guaranteed. Although if Dillard was traded, Clarke would be on the list.

Directed by: Jack Anderson, Kayud Oosica, Raven Clark, William Dunkel, Josh Sales, Jared Williams

Puppy: Bret Tooth (ACL)

Defensive Intervention (4): Fletcher Cox, Javon Hargrave, Jordan Davis, Milton Williams.

These four are crew locks. Marlon Tuipoloto, who picked the sixth round last year, had a chance, too. But don’t sleep on Noah Ellis or Marvin Wilson either. Wilson was a popular UDFA player last season but was on camp with the Browns. And Elliss is the UDFA’s priority this season and could fill the standby nose-handling role behind Davis. But at the moment, both are minors.

Directed by: Marlon Tuipoloto, Noah Ellis, Marvin Wilson, Renell Wren

Defensive End (4): Brandon Graham, Josh Sweet, Derek Barnett, Taron Jackson

Dividing the defense into positions is a little trickier this season because the defense ends and all of Sam’s linebackers are huddled together. We’ll separate them here, though. Australian project Matt Liu is the only project that didn’t make the team.

Out: Matt Liu

Sam Midfielder (3): Hasson Riddick, Kieron Johnson, Patrick Johnson

Yes, that’s heavy for these premium players, but the SAM mode is quite versatile. The Eagles have used late draw picks in consecutive years on the Johnsons. They may be competing for one job, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them achieve that.

Exit: Ali Fayyad

Line-back (5): TJ Edwards, Keizer White, Nakobi Dean, Davion Taylor, Sean Bradley

These five feel safe to me and there is a huge drop from them to the two men who were cut off. However, the quarterback battle at training camp will still be interesting as these five will compete for roles and playing time.

Directed by: Christian Ellis, Jacoby Stevens

Buck’s Corner (6): Darius Sly, James Bradbury, Avonte Maddox, Zeke Macpherson, Ty Gwan, Josiah Scott

There are a lot of standouts on the list and after the core trio of Slay, Bradberry and Maddox, they aren’t all proven. Macpherson was a fourth-round pick last year and was the best reserve player so I think he keeps that role. Joan came in on the Ertz deal and he is a defensive player that I look forward to watching in camp. And Scott could fill it with spare nickels and would be a gunner on the Punt Team. The hardest cut here was Kary Vincent Jr. , which caught fire quickly. But can eagles really hold more than six angles? Some of these guys will not be on the list.

Directed by: Josh Blackwell, Mario Goodrich, Josh Joby, McCain III, Jimmy Morland, Carrie Vincent Jr.

Safety (4): Anthony Harris, Marcus Epps, Jackiesky Tarte, Kvonne Wallace

Like the linebacker position, you’ll battle your top three safety spots for turns and playtime during camp. But all three feel like relatively safe bets to make up the list. That fourth point should be a fight between Wallace and Andre Chacheri. Wallace is a former fourth-round pick and hasn’t been able to stay healthy or eliminate an established role in defense. Chachere is the ace of special teams. If he makes up the team, it will be because he plays in that role.

Directed by: Reed Blankenship, Andre Schacher, Jared Maiden

Specialists (3): Jake Elliott, Aryn Sebus, Rick Lovato

The Eagles have no internal competition for Siposs, who struggled last year. The Australian punter is a big part of the field goal operation as his holder but he needs to be more consistent in his No. 1 job. A few of those stems late last season were brutal. But for now, these three are back for their second season together.

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