At $4,500, is this Honda CR-X Racer a good deal?

Good price or no dice 1991 Honda CR-X racing car

Let’s face it; The new Honda Civic Type-R is great, but it will set you back a pretty penny. today Good price or no dice The CR-X also includes fun behind the wheel, but at a huge discount on the new Civic. Can you make it A must have deal?

French historian Alexis de Tocqueville once noted that “when the past no longer illuminates the future, the soul walks in darkness.” I find that a very compelling argument for the existence of neoclassical cars like last Friday 1981 Zimmer Golden Spirit. Zimmer was just one of a number of companies that looked back The thirties in particular In presenting a class of cars it was very distinctive and unique. Unfortunately The current Zimmer owner, most of you haven’t found the car to evoke a past worth remembering. Less still liked the $15,000 asking price, which gave Golden Spirit a crushing 78 percent loss with no dice loss through the end of the week.

Well, it’s a new week and a new candidate – A 1991 Honda CR-X Racer To be precise – and I have a lot of questions.

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According to the announcement, the CR-X was built specifically for drag racing. Despite this, the seller claims that it can be set up for autocross or even made street legal. What a multitasking galore!

If the desire of the new buyer is suitable for the street The car then must go A place where emissions (and possibly safety equipment) are not a requirement for registration. That’s because this CR-X offers very little of either.

The ad copy describes the vehicle as having a 500 CFM Holley 2BBL carb instead of the original 1600Engine fuel injection cc. Don’t worry though, redundant ports for FI won’t become unused. It has now been connected to the nitrous oxide system which for some strange reason Not yet used in anger.

This engine isn’t even the most interesting thing about this purpose-built racer. First, there’s the body to consider. It’s modified with a cut-out roofline, perspex windows throughout, and front and rear bumpers that resemble a hardware store HVAC driveway. The car has both headlights and tailThe lights, and the side view mirror, so it’s at least part of the way to street legality. The lack of space, the presence of race spots, and its general start mean it still has a way to go.

Photo of the article titled $4,500 Can You Play With the Idea of ​​Buying a 1991 Honda CR-X Racer?

But what about a racing car? The seller claims it is ready for delivery and ready to face the Christmas tree as it is. It even comes with two sets of wheels and tires, so you don’t need to run as much as you want when you hit the bar. It also comes with a clean title and a 1991 Civic parts car to double your happiness. What could all this be worth?

Well, at one point the seller thought it was worth $5,500. It didn’t get any bites, so the entire race team is being offered at under $4,500.

what do you say? he is This turnkey racer and his $4,500 parts car as featured in the ad? Or does the car and the price call for a black flag?

It’s your decision!

Saint Joseph, Missouri craigslistor go over here If the ad disappears.

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