Apple politely explains why iPhone cases are a waste of money

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Why put a case on it?


This has been happening for a long time.

I don’t remember when this habit originated, but it seems that the vast majority of people have adopted it.

No, I’m not talking about posting pictures of your candy to Instagram. This is much more racist. This is the tendency to put a case on your phone.

When you buy it, your phone looks very beautiful. Just like in ads. But then she buys a hideous $20 piece of rubber to hide her slimness.

Are you doing it because you’re afraid to drop it? Or do you somehow think (make yourself) that the case will make your delicately designed phone stand out?

Yes, some cases are, so fetch. Who wouldn’t want to put glitter around their phones? Who wouldn’t buy a beautiful blue iPhone and wrap it in an ugly black top?

I’m afraid Apple has had enough of this. More than enough.

Have you ever seen an Apple executive wrap his iPhone in a case? No you did not. But even this example was not enough. So the company has now released an ad, definitely aimed at helping you weed out your unaesthetic and anti-beauty behaviour.

The iPhone 13 is on the edge of the table. She does not have a case. It starts to ring.

You know what happens when an iPhone lying on a hard surface rings when shaken, right? shaking. begins to move. Just like a salad spinner if you let it spin on your kitchen counter.

Here, however, you know what will happen. Great music helps you along.

Down goes iPhone.

Do we see the state it is in as soon as it hits the ground? We don’t. But we hear that it keeps ringing, so we have to conclude that nothing untoward has happened.

Apple says, “iPhone 13 with ceramic armor. Stronger than any smartphone’s glass. Relax, it’s iPhone.”

do you see? Apple sends you a message. Take off your gowns. Do not be afraid. Take off your veil and live to the fullest.

If you can relax enough to add a little extra to the beauty of this world. To face all her ugliness, you understand.

I admit I’ve been on this crusade for much longer than Apple.

In the early days of iPhone cases, these words came to mind: “Putting an iPhone in a box is like buying an Audi, wrapping it in rubber, painting flames on the side. It’s like going to a three-star Michelin restaurant. And ordering ketchup. It’s like going. to church, chewing gum, and blowing bubbles on the priest.”

I feel like Apple is finally joining my singular cause.

Release your iPhone. Free your Android device. Show the world that your phone is awesome. Show the world that you trust yourself enough not to drop your phone in such a way that it shatters. believe in You arePeople.

These phones are much better than they used to be. iPhone cases are not.

Release your iPhone. We all believe in freedom, right?

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