Announcing new and exclusive GTA + features for the latest update

On the eve of the release of The Criminal Enterprises update, Rockstar Games published a news blog post detailing a lot of perks for GTA+ members. If you want to get all the upcoming improvements to GTA Online, check out our article here.


From July 26, a new car will be purchased in GTA Online from Legendary Motorsport, and Lampadate Corseta. However, all GTA + members will be able to get the car for free. Moreover, you will get two exclusive montage drawings and geometric shapes of Corseta. To claim this free car and its skins, open the Legendary Motorsport website, order it and then the car to a car shop and have it packed.

Free Abilities for GTA +

Being a CEO, VIP or boss MC in GTA Online comes with a bunch of perks, which can be accessed via the interaction menu. These include useful capabilities such as bribery powers To get the heat off your back and ghost organization to remove your entire organization from the radar temporarily.

From July 26, all GTA+ members will no longer need to pay the $GTA fee required for abilities like car requestsAnd the bribery powers And the ghost organization If you are a VIP, CEO or MC Head. Remember to visit the interaction menu to use it for free! GTA+ subscribers who own a car shop will also see the cost of repairing import/export shipping vehicles disappear until August 31.

Upgrades for your offices

Another GTA+ freebie will allow you to claim a free and secure Dynasty 8 Executive in-game garage website. GTA+ members will increase the chances of stumbling on special items during the July 26 – August 31 event period for special shipping as well.

Free clothes and accessories

It’s not a month for GTA+ without some free outfits and this is no different. From July 26 you can get Cap Apricot PerseusAnd the Gold Beat Off Earphones And the Apricot Persus Track Pants Free.

GTA $ and RP . bonus

Another advantage of subscribing to GTA + is Additional 50% GTA$ and RP On the new tasks in the new update. titled paper trail processAnswer the call and go undercover with the IAA to help the ULP agent get to the bottom of the gas price crisis in Operation Paper Trail, and get 50% GTA$ and additional RP for doing so.

$500K in free GTA cash

The permanent feature of GTA+ is 500,000 cash given to all members every month.

Additional Shark Card Rewards

One of the permanent benefits of GTA+ is an additional GTA$ bonus on all Shark Cards you purchase. We now know that the additional GTA$ for each card purchase will be 15%.

  • Megalodon Shark Card – $9,200,000 – (standard $8,000,000)
  • whale shark card – 4,025,000 dollars (Standard $3,500,000)
  • great white shark card – 1437500 dollars – (standard $1,250,000)
  • Bull Shark Card – $575,000 – (standard $500,000)
  • Tiger Shark Card – 230 thousand dollars – (standard $200,000 USD)
  • red shark card $115,000 – (standard $100,000)

If you want to know how to join GTA+, check out our guide here. Will you be signing up this month? Let us know in the comments. We do not recommend signing up for GTA +. For more GTA Online news updates, stay tuned to RockstarINTEL.

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