AMD RADV Gets NVIDIA Mesh Shader Extensions in Preparation for Vulkan Mesh Shader Support

The AMD Radeon Vulkan, or RADV, driver included in the upcoming build 22.2 of the Mesa project has received more network shader support, Phoronix reports. Support based on NVIDIA demo NV_mesh_shader The extension is in the process of making preparations that will allow the shader to offer the same capabilities as D3D12, and will also provide cross-vendor support within the extension.

AMD RADV nearing completion to prepare for Vulkan Mesh Shader support as Mesa update window will close soon

The open source Radeon Vulkan driver within Mesa supports network shader networking; Currently, the experimental and previous Vulkan extension for network shaders are very close to the same characteristics as DirectX 12, which will be useful for compatibility with VKD3D-Proton. Timur Krist√≥f, one of Valve’s open source architects, was crucial to moving the RADV mission and network shadowing commands closer to termination.

Image source: Michael Larrabelle at Phoronix.

AMD’s Radeon Vulkan graphics driver, or RADV, was designed by community engineers from Google, Red Hat, and other contributors working under the Linux platform. The driver is the first choice for AMD graphics card users who also use the open source Linux operating system. Companies like AMD, along with Intel, NVIDIA, Valve, and others, officially allow Linux support and allow various improvements and updates that affect computer performance, support for various graphical optimizations, and more.

The most recent merge has task draws + shader grid set up, which Larabel reports will add to the already built-in task shader code. Also, an experienced Linux writer note that the merge request mentions complexities within a hardware application that are not compatible with the currently available API. He continues to note that it only affects the NV_mesh_shader It is expected not to affect the extension of Vulkan mesh shader.

A recent RADV merge request in Mesa 22.2 will show support for task shader through the use of a file NV_mesh_shader. The extension remains undetected in typical situations unless the user uses an extension RADV_PERFTEST = nv_ms environment variables. The Mesa 22.2 feature work window will close soon once the updated full version is released sometime in August. AMD also recently started supporting NVIDIA’s DGC in the latest RADV driver.

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