Allow me to give you this bounty of annoying errors and stats produced by The Boston Red Sox

A 140-second video containing nothing but clips of the Boston Red Sox attacking, kicking the ball across the field, and losing it to the stadium lights at the worst possible moments, in theory, should have strong media value, even for Boston fans. Red Sox. After all, a number of defensive errors caught on such an agonizing low reel are important to understanding how the Red Sox went from 43 to 33 and second in the highly competitive AL East on June 29 to where they are today, which is a solid blow in the middle of Crud Town, 48-48 in the season, half a game from last place, and functionally dead. To watch the video — which has been tightly edited to bundle as many individual bugs as possible into a Twitter-ready package — you have to understand that the reeling Red Sox are doing themselves no favors these days, as their promising season is all about draining them.

But you don’t need to dig for a deeper understanding of Boston’s gruesome slide down the rankings in order to enjoy this video. It’s a fun time on its own, just like an amazing record of baseball incompetence. For context, it suffices to know that Sox is in Hell now, and that their descent into Hell was marked by a series of neglect that would not be out of place as an early montage in Major League sequel. Simply set it on “Gimme Some Lovin” by Spencer Davis’ set and you’ll get 1/60 of a feature film about a diverse crew of laundries, pipe fitters and convicts who come together to rediscover their love match while finishing nine matches behind the dreaded Baltimore Orioles in the East basement. Unfortunately, with the Red Sox out of the cut-off picture just before the trading deadline, many of these pozos, who unfortunately can’t point to jobs other than baseball days to explain why they had such a hard time catching baseball, may have to rediscover their love for the game. in another place.

The lowest point in Boston’s Nightmare month came on Friday, losing 28-5 to the visiting Toronto Blue Jays. Technically, only one of Toronto’s historic races has been gained, because only two of Boston’s many defensive errors were fouls, but that’s only because baseball’s scoring system can sometimes run into a perfect storm of misfortune, incompetence, Absolute frustration. , for example , The second major championship inside the park in the history of the Blue Jays:

Or by those same forces that combine to allow a run to score with two limbs on a pop-up landing about six feet apart. Before hill ramie:

The All-Star break is often a chance for collapsed teams to pool their actions together, and the Red Sox — who are wracked with injuries and were completely crushed by the Yankees, 27-3, during the last two games of the first half — have required the opportunity as bad as any team in baseball. Friday’s nightmare largely wiped out any hope of a post-fracture rebound and made Boston’s three-game run total 55, the most in baseball since the St. June 1950. After allowing the most rounds in a single game in franchise history on Friday night, the miserable Red Sox marched through the remainder of the weekend in a brutal and lopsided home sweep. “The baseball brand we play is horrible,” manager Alex Cora said after losing 8-4 to a dismal streak. “We don’t hit the ball, we don’t hit the ball, we don’t hit the ball. It’s bad. It’s really bad now.” Sunday was marked by another exhilarating sequence of field drills, culminating with bowler Hirokazu Sawamura getting lost on the field while trying to run from the hill to first base:

How bad is this fainting? Imagination moaning and pattering at possibilities. No Red Sox team since 1936 has topped 72 points in a 20-game period, according to the Baseball Reference, so the 2022 team is really heading in a very special direction. If they decide to sell and look to the future, the names may become more ambiguous and expectations may decline, but the results will be no worse. For his part, Cora doesn’t seem to think the Red Sox should give up this regular season: “I buy at the grocery store and don’t sell a lot of stuff at home,” Cora said bafflingly after Sunday’s loss. “We just have to play better.” There is certainly plenty of room for improvement.

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