Aaron Judge gives the Yankees more than strength

Baltimore – The good news is that Aaron Judge has 37 wrecks, the most Yankee players in 97 games since Mickey Mantle hit 39 in 1961.

On the flip side, if Judge were to go down in history, he and the Yankees would only have three matches against the Orioles—the penguin’s favorite punching bag.

Judge has seven more players in his last nine games against Baltimore and 35 more in his career against the Orioles than any other team.

At this point, though, it doesn’t seem to matter what opponent the Yankees are up against, as they’ve had six players in their last seven games overall.

It’s very consistent, as if it’s been hot all year round,” DJ LeMahieu said. “This is very difficult. No matter what level of player you are, it is impressive. And to do it at the level he does, he is the best player in the game right now.”

Aaron Judge celebrates after his second run.

That’s a familiar refrain around the league at this point, especially at the Yankees.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Nestor Cortes. “Everything he does, from the moment he enters the club to the moment he is there even when he plays the game, everything about him is excellence.”

Including his ability to predict bathroom dishes, it seems.

After coming out in the first half on Sunday, he apologized to Aaron Boone before his second game and added, “I got you here.”

He then went out and followed the RBI double LeMahieu by drilling a 456-foot shot from two rounds that gave the Yankees a 3-0 lead in third.

After his two-hitting day — he’s also singles on day seven and walked and scored on the ninth — the judge was hitting 0.294, his highest since June 26.

He’s made it to the base multiple times in seven straight games. During this stretch, it’s 14 against 25 with two doubles, six small brows, and 15 RBI.

Aaron Judge contacts one broken racket in the seventh inning.
Aaron Judge contacts one broken racket in the seventh inning.
Getty Images

While the judge won’t say if he has a home race total for the season, he does admit he wants to get to 0.300.

“I have always said that a good hitter is a man with a high average,” the judge said. “This is what I have seen in a lot of the greats [like] Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera. They hit .300 and the strength came with it. One of my goals is always to try to get above 0.300. I work for it.”

“It’s important to him,” Boone said. “He keeps developing his game and is not satisfied.”

Regarding the running number, the judge said, “I try not to think about it, as I said before.”

That would be impossible if he continued at this pace.

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