You may see Hardik Pandya walk away after the 2023 World Cup, claims Ravi Shastri

Ben Stokes, with his decision to retire from the ODIs to prolong his career in the other two formats, has sparked debate about what the future will look like. While many claim that ODI cricket may only be limited to the World Cup, some expect any player may skip playing the format beyond 50. Former India coach Ravi Shastri has claimed that India’s multi-level player Hardik Pandya may also walk away from ODI cricket after the 2023 World Cup.

Speaking about the future of cricket in an ODI match, Shastri suggested that the only way to save the 50th format is to focus on the World Cup. Then he talked about how players would start prioritizing formats with so much cricket playing and he cited the example of Hardik Pandya. Shastri speculated that Pandya might want to stay until the 2023 World Cup but his focus after that would only be on playing the T20Is.

“The format that is over 50 years old may be postponed but can still survive if you focus only on the World Cup. From the point of view of the ICC, the World Cup, whether it is the T20 World Cup or the 50th World Cup, should be given the utmost importance. Dollars Test cricket will always remain because of the importance it adds to the game You have players already choosing the formats they want to play Take Hardik Pandya Shastri said he wants to play T20 cricket and it is very clear in his mind “I don’t want to play anything else” .

“He will play cricket for over 50 because there is a World Cup in India next year. Then, you might see him move on from that as well. You will see something similar happen with other players, they will start picking the formats, and they have every right to that,” the former cricketer added.

Privilege cricket rules the roost: Shastri

The 60-year-old also shed light on cricket ruling cricket in the world and also focused on the fact that it will be the same in the years to come. Shastri then suggested that the various cricket boards and world cricket’s governing body should reduce the volume of duo cricket being played.

“Franchise cricket rules the roost and you rule the roost. So don’t wait for that to happen, then ride your high horse and ask what should we do? It will be too late, it will happen, there will be franchise cricket that will rule the roost all over the world. Then How are you going to have international cricket? You’re going to have to scale down, you have to cut duo cricket, and go in that direction. You’re never going to be able to stop different players from going and playing for different perks.”

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