The Citizens were crushed by the Diamondbacks in the first match after breaking the All-Stars


Phoenix – The Washington Nationals didn’t quite calm down in the second half of the season on Friday. Before they took the field against the Arizona Diamondbacks, they switched up their bases, added two veterans on minor league contracts, signed a lot of their preliminary classes and moved a number of players up and down their farm system.

Perhaps the All-Star break entailed this reminder: There is still work to be done regardless of whether Juan Soto is traded in the next two weeks. The show, they say, must go on.

The Nationals dropped their opener at Chase Field, 10-1, with the Diamondbacks reaching Patrick Corbin. The left-handed had five runs in five against his former team, and his ERA rose to 6.02. Ketel Marte hit him on Homer from three runs in the third inning. Arizona starter Zach Gallen covered Washington for seven runs and carried the hitter into the sixth round. Broken down on Cesar Hernandez’s broken song, a cheap one that hit Gallen’s gauntlet and crept behind the heap.

The Nationals only managed five prime riders. They lost 16 out of 18 matches. Their 31-64 record is the worst in Major League Baseball.

“When we hit the ball hard, it’s on the floor,” coach Dave Martinez said after the defeat. “We can’t get the ball in the air. We have to start driving the balls.”

Prior to Friday’s loss, loyal citizens recalled AAA class Hunter Harvey of Rochester, put Victor Arano back on the injured list, and put Tyler Kleppard, another analgesic, in IL for 15 days with a thigh strain. Harvey, who was picked right before the break, was able to promote again quickly as he replaced the injured Kleppard. Arano’s roster venue opened after the Nationals picked right-hander Cory Abbott on Sunday. Kleppard, 37, made one appearance for the Nationals – throwing two rounds without goals – before feeling the pain as the July 16 heat warmed up.

Harvey made a seventh against Arizona, which allowed him to run on the Marty triple and Christian Walker’s sacrifice. On the eighth day, Arano was burned due to Maikel Franco’s mistake in a routine germ and two soft singles. Then he released back-to-back walking tours, the second came running. Marty’s sacrifice fly made it three runs (one got) on Arano while the Diamondbacks (41-52) stretched to 10-0.

Sfriluga: Juan Soto’s trading might be smart. It may also be impossible.

Away from Phoenix on Friday, the Nationals added two veterans via free agency in the minor league: defensive player David Dale and right-hand man Daniel Ponce de Leon. The club also officially announced their reunion with companion man De String Gordon, who agreed to a minor league deal last weekend.

Dahl, the 28-year-old, who was likely a former Colorado Rockies, has had huge success at Nashville Sounds, an AAA subsidiary of Milwaukee Brewers. But in search of another opportunity in the big business, Dahl pulled out of his contract this month. Between 2016 and 2019, he thrived for the Rockies while he was healthy. But the problem is his ability to stay on the field. After a rough 2020, which followed a star-studded season in 2019, the Citizens were interested in Dahl before he signed a one-year deal with Texans. He then struggled with Rangers and was set for the mid-season appointment.

Ponce de Leon, 30, made 57 appearances in parts of four seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals. This year, he’s been with the Los Angeles Angels and Seattle, and has opted out of his deal with the Mariners this month. He scored a high ERA (7.95), strike rate (10.1 per nine innings) and walk rate (5.3 per nine) in the 71⅓ innings with the Class AAA Tacoma. His expertise and versatility make him decent as a deep arm. Ponce de Leon was a novice and loyal multi-role, and even lodged in some of the positions of high influence for the Cardinals. All 16 of his matches have started with the Rainiers.

He and Dale would begin Citizens’ tenures with Rochester. Strange-Gordon has been running in West Palm Beach, Florida, at the team’s spring training facility and will join the Red Wings as well.

“[Dahl] Martinez said, noting Dahl’s .294 hit average, .357 on base percentage and .468 hit percentage with votes. “We have loved him in the past. The important thing with him is to keep him healthy. I hope he can get down there and swing like he was swinging early, and we’ll see what happens. You never have enough depth.”

On Friday afternoon, the low fruit Dahl was to be called the ultimate alternative to Soto. Likewise, Ponce de Leon can take the place of a broker shipped by the August 2 trading deadline. Whether you plan to sell or not, it would not hurt to take some opportunities in the renovation market and install the system. The Citizens expect to need a few new players soon.

Always looking for a super star, baseball already has a superstar in Shohei Ohtani

What is the draft signed by the citizens? 1st round pick Elijah Green (outside player, IMG Academy Florida), 2nd round pick Jake Bennett (left bowler, Oklahoma), 3rd round pick Trey Lipscombe (third baseman, Tennessee), 4th round pick Brenner Cox (outside player) , Rock Hill High in Texas), fifth-round pick Jared McKenzie (outside player, Baylor), sixth-round pick Nate Ochoa (Shortstop, Notre Dame Catholic High in Ontario), eighth-round pick Chance Huff (right bowler, Georgia Tech), round pick Ninth Maxwell Romero Jr. (Catcher, Miami) and tenth-round pick Murphy Steele (third baseman, Texas).

That leaves Riley Cornelio who picked the seventh round (right bowler, TCU) as the only unsigned player among the top 10 players on the national team. Late Friday night, Baseball America announced that Greene had signed for $6.5 million — $2,300 over the slot value of the No. 5 pick. By signing Stehly for $10,000, per report — well below the $154,800 slot value — she saved Washington money can be posted to other choices.

Who moved around the system? Second baseman Darren Baker, player Omar Merigildo and hunter Israel Pineda have been promoted to AA Harrisburg. First baseman Leandro Emiliani, Junior Martina and right-back Todd Peterson have been promoted to First Division Wilmington. First baseman Will Frizzell, baseman Paul Witt and right baseman Jose Atencio have been promoted from the Florida Composite League to Division I Fredericksburg. To make way for Pineda in Harrisburg, catcher Drew Millas was taken back from the injured list and sent to Wilmington.

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