Shreevats Goswami claims that the one-day international World Cup is still the top

Shreevats Goswami claims that the One-Day World Cup is still the pinnacle and One-Day International is the best white ball format.

The cricket world agrees to the required schedule, which includes 365 days of franchised cricket, ICC events, and duo series. The cricket community has criticized the busy schedule since England multi-level player Ben Stokes retired from ODI cricket at the age of 31, particularly when the nearly final draft of the ICC Future Tours 2023-2027 program leaked to the public.

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Influential former cricketers and opinion leaders have voiced their opinions on “too much cricket”, “downsizing bilateral relations”, “players are not bots”, among other topics. The players are undoubtedly on fire. It has become worn out, and operating all three forms is becoming more and more difficult.

Ben Stokes retirement
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The franchise league ecosystem is constantly expanding, which has reduced the financial stress but increased the stress on their bodies. Do the three shapes remain? Stokes disagrees. At least among large teams, “workload management” has emerged as one of the most frequently used terms.

“One-Day International is the best white ball format”: Shreevats Goswami

Several former cricketers have referred to the doubles matches as “meaningless” in light of the impending cancellation of the ODI Super League. However, the triple and quadruple series will return for the upcoming FTP, with Pakistan preparing to make the official move.

“I would never say that. No game you play for your nation can be absurd. Since T20 cricket has become so popular, yes, people or fans may have lost some interest in ODIs, but it’s still fun” Happy Shrivats Goswami.

“The ODI World Cup is still the best. Tendulkar and Warnes impressed us at the ODI World Cup Finals because we were probably all watching them. I feel the triple and quadruple series should be back to keep things interesting. It just adds a level of excitement”Follow Shreevats Goswami, who currently plays for Flowery Field Cricket Club in Manchester.

However, the trend in international bilateral relations is changing. The next ICC FTP will feature more games between the bigger teams.

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