Phase 2 is back from the dead as the peer-to-peer servers are back online

Evolve: Stage 2 Its multiplayer servers closed back in 2018, but today players can once again match players and join peer-to-peer multiplayer games.

Several months ago, I lost peer-to-peer jobs Legacy evolution, which is the only way fans of the series can play with friends. When a large number of players reached publisher 2K, the issue was eventually resolved earlier in July. 2K seems to have gone a step further now, bringing back peer-to-peer functionality and matchmaking Evolve: Stage 2 Four years later.

Discord server dedicated to has evolvedrun by game fans, has been in touch with 2K regarding Legacy evolution Job loss for a while. After 2K acknowledged the issue and a subsequent fix was released, it appears to have gone the extra mile and brought back online services to Evolve: Stage 2.

On June 22, an update was posted on Discord that reads “Evolve: Stage 2 Now he has a peer-to-peer server online again! She continues to appreciate her members, saying, “Thank you, we’re bringing this unique gaming experience back to life!”

Evolve: Phase 2. Credit: 2K, Turtle Rock Studios

Besides being able to play online again, players report that dropped chests work and reward skins. Exclusive to the Co-op Hunt mode, these chests have been missing from the game since the servers closed in 2018, dropping rare skins that never appeared in the store.

According to Steam Stats, the number of current players in the game has increased from 18 on July 20 to 136 on July 22, which means words are circulating about the return of the old online modes.

With matchmaking seemingly successful, but taking too long due to a lack of awareness, players mostly choose peer-to-peer games, with many joining codes listed on the game’s dedicated Discord servers. For those who want to participate in the work without Evolve: Stage 2 In their Steam libraries, you can find a list of people who are currently streaming the game on Twitch.

It’s unclear if this is a fix here to stay, but those who have missed out on online modes Evolve: Stage 2 Now they can play it again after a very long wait. Reddit users are now hoping to get the game back on Steam.

In other news, Epic President Tim Sweeney said the company “definitely won’t” ban NFT, noting that stores and operating systems “shouldn’t interfere” with the way developers want to create their games.

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