Paddy Pemblett says UFC London ‘definitely’ last fight at O2 Arena: ‘It’s too small’

Paddy Pemblet expects his next fight to be on the pay-per-view UFC.

“I know for a fact now that I’m going to fight over pay-per-view with John Anik, Joe Rogan and [Daniel Cormier] Commenting, “Pemblett said after bringing home again at The O2 at UFC London.

Saturday’s event was the second time Pemblett had received a champions reception at the 20,000-seat stadium after UFC London in March. When he revealed his $12,000 bag in a fight against Rodrigo Vargas, MMA watchers howled over the rising star’s pay for his fan base. Pimblett then signed a new UFC deal.

Pimblett won’t find a larger audience at the 20,000-seat T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, but he’s sure fans will pay premium prices from now on.

“I know I will never fight at The O2 again,” he said. “It’s too small.”

Previously, Pemblett was invited to the title of a UFC event at the huge football stadium Anfield in his hometown of Liverpool. This goal has not changed.

“We’ll do Anfield,” he said. “I promise you now. [UFC President] Dana [White] He said he wouldn’t play at Anfield, but he also said women would never fight in the UFC, and Ronda Rousey came in. He said he wouldn’t do a pitch in the UK, but the Badi are coming, so he will.”

Surrounded by his training partner and girlfriend Molly McCann, who took another UFC London main card win, Pemblett used half of his press conference to eat takeaway. He made headlines by receiving reporters at the event’s official scales, telling fans who had offended him for his eating habits.

Pemblett also wrote a sadder note, detailing an emotional tribute after fighting a friend who recently committed suicide.

“The women are talking to each other,” he said. “There’s no stigma with women. They sit and have a cup of tea and have dessert. Guys don’t, boy. Men feel, ‘Oh, I can’t say that to women because they’ll think I’m a little mushroom. That’s what men think.'”

“Like I said in the cage, I’d much rather have my friend come up to me and talk to me and cry on my shoulder than cry when I carry his coffin a week later. Split-second decisions destroy lives, and that’s what happened this weekend….People where I am In it, people who have little followers, should help people…whether it’s Joe in the street or your companion. We must return the favor, because without all the fans, we won’t get paid.

“I just love giving back. Like I said, I started a charity for young children, ‘Little Bad Guys’, but now obviously I’m thinking of doing a men’s mental health charity. The UK doesn’t provide any funding for it and it’s the biggest killer of men from the age of 21 to 45. Men are just killing themselves, and nobody cares. We need to change it.”

Pimblett hasn’t brought his unique brand across the pond to UFC fans, but he’s already received plenty of exposure alongside McCann, the duo’s veteran veteran. Both paid tribute to their fallen friend and finished the journalist thanking the media. According to Pemblett, this might have been the last time they saw her for a while.

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