McDonald’s menu adds two items you really want to try

Fast food chains want to find the elusive new menu item that attracts public talk, becomes a sensation on social media, and eventually sells out making its eventual return an even bigger event. For this reason, restaurants of international brands (QSR) – Get the “Restaurant Brands International Inc.” report. Burger King experiments with lots of wacky whoppers, along with more traditional variations on the classic sandwich.

yum! Trademarks (yes) – Get yum! Brands report Taco Bell has been the industry leader, regularly adding menu items that push the boundaries. Using Doritos-based shell tacos may not seem like something new, but at the time it was and Doritos Locos Taco became a huge hit that led to a myriad of spin-offs. This has also led to snack-chip mixes becoming a thing with Burget King that serves Mac N’ Cheetos, which are deep fried on Maccaroni and cheese, and Taco Bell itself recently tested two products using variants of Cheez-It.

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