John Collins and Taylor Horton Tucker staged Dory Drew’s Ugly Shows

John Collins

John Collins
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The NBA stars have largely disappeared from Rucker Park, Barry Farms and the Drew League from the past they regularly used to. LeBron James’ 42-point show At The Drew League a week ago it was a clear call to his NBA peers. After two years of turmoil due to the pandemic, the Drew League is back on the radar for present and future NBA stars as well.

The Drew League is not professional. Most of the companies are made up of former Division I players or Uber athletes who have had cups of coffee in the league or abroad. When NBAers walk through the door, they’re chased. The best case scenario is for the NBAer to parachute, drop 40 as he was supposed to, and get swept away by approving fans, who probably can’t see them playing on the field in their regular season competition. Kobe did this in 2011 And it made everyone forget that James Harden was even down to earth. You can’t go in afraid of humiliation, but the worst case scenario is your reputation is left on a stretcher.

Tare Eason, who became more rookie in 2022 in scouts, stopped by Stack 37 points and 13 plates, Including game-winning free throwsthen just suggest it Keep stuffing his stats There for the rest of the summer. Sacramento Kings reserve Shimzi Mito, a Drew League player, scored 25 points and 9 rebounds.

As adorable as they were, everyone packed the gym to see Trae Young and John Collins at the Black Pearl Elite and Talen Horton-Tucker’s Citi Team Blazers. Young was solid. Showing his collection, he finished with some neat keys under the rim and avoided being crossed into the pastry by any sick-handled guards looking to make a name for themselves. He eventually scored 22 points, but their rival, the Citi Team Blazers, proved they weren’t there to be surpassed.

Young got his shot, Collins was bullied, became the first NBA player to miss a league pitch, was jerked by a field announcer for it, and the Pearl Elite lost by two. It was a mixed bag for Young. For John Collins, it was a night when he would probably push into the dark corners of his memory bank, close the vault and pretend it never happened. It wasn’t entirely in doubt, but for an NBA player, it was substandard.

In the end, I felt Collins was doing a solid job for his keeper by appearing in an exhibition game, and picking up a few lobsRun a few laps up and down the field, break a sweat, and experience the Drew League atmosphere. He’s not the type of player who excels in this format anyway. It’s indoors, but the Drew League is your typical street ball hoops where surrounding ball handlers and bowlers reign.

This made it difficult to understand the suffering of Horton Tucker. His basketball representative has taken a bigger hit than anyone else in the league over the past 12 months. A year ago, Horton-Tucker was an underground candidate for every Laker fan for the next star. In the minds of some, the Lakers were meant to be, what Jordan Ball were to the Warriors. However, in his third year, the 21-year-old has proven himself to be more of a legend than a human. He signed a three-year, $30 million extension in the 2012 season, and then, at 25 minutes per game, Horton-Tucker fired just 41.6% from the field and 26.9% from distance in 60 games.

He carried that to The Drew League and finished with just 14 points, six rebounds and two steals. He was killed off on the NBA Twitter for shooting 38 percent of the field, but the shot percentages in the streetball leagues are worthless. Everyone who participates in these tournaments takes unwisely high difficulty scores in an effort to give fans a show, so it shouldn’t be relied upon.

His 1 of 8 shot and inability to drive with his left was on par with the track, which had anxious Lakers fans fearful for another season of struggling Horton Tucker’s development. Hansel Emmanuel, who also played in the Drew League on Saturday, left a lot like Horton Tucker. But in a city where fans want to embrace him, slipping and having a mediocre performance in a professional was a reminder of how disappointed he was at a disappointing team.

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