GG Jackson commits to SC: Will re-rank #1 in 2023, join Gamecocks this season

South Carolina earned a historic commitment in basketball when five-star striker JJ Jackson announced he would commit to the Gamecocks and re-rank to the 2022 class. South Carolina’s basketball commitment in the 247Sports era gives new coach Lamont Paris a major boost of momentum before he even coached match.

Jackson will likely be an immediate focal point for the Gamecocks next season, despite the fact that he will only be 17 years old for the first month of the season. At 6 feet 9 and 210 pounds, Jackson averaged 22.1 points and 10.9 rebounds per game while taking home the Gatorade Player of the Year award in South Carolina as a freshman at Ridgeview High School, located just 15 miles from South Carolina campus.

The commitment culminates in a three-month whirlwind for Jackson, who committed to North Carolina for the first time in late April as a member of the 2023 class. on July 14On social media, he writes that he would like to “explore other options”.

Jackson’s decision to stay home and play with the Gamecocks as part of the 2022 class makes him just the latest high-profile hoops to be reclassified. Five-star potential Emoni Bates and Jalen Duren made similar decisions late in last year’s hiring cycle and joined the Memphis roster. In this recruiting cycle, high-ranking bodyguards Therese Proctor (Duke) and Kelan Boswell (Arizona) are among the big names to follow.

Boost for Gamecocks

For a program with a limited history in basketball, Jackson’s commitment would provide a major spark. It’s the highest-ranked commitment in South Carolina in the 247Sports era and joins a class that otherwise included #179 and #231 class players.

Aside from an unexpected tour of the Final Four, where she was ranked No. 7 under former coach Frank Martin in 2017, South Carolina has only competed in the NCAA tournament once since 1998. That tour five years ago marked the program’s first trip after First weekend of The Big Dance since 1973.

Getting the Gamecocks to the NCAA Championship will require hard work from Jackson, but having him on the roster would be huge for the program as Paris seeks to build a related program. The 47-year-old Paris, a former Wisconsin assistant, arrived in South Carolina after five seasons in Chattanooga. He capped his career with the Mocs with a 27-8 record and an NCAA appearance in the 2021-22 season.

Landing Jackson should help answer any questions about whether Paris will be able to hire well enough to compete in the SEC.

JJ Jackson drop

By reclassifying and registering in South Carolina for the 2022-23 season, Jackson will be eligible for next year’s NBA draft because he will turn 19 in calendar year 2023. Amid his move to the 2022 class, Jackson will likely lose his “highest-ranked prospect” title. , which is the classification currently held by new Arkansas guard Nick Smith for the class, according to 247Sports. That’s a small price to pay for the chance to get into the NBA sooner than initially anticipated.

This is an excerpt from the Jackson player rating from 247Sports National Basketball Director Eric Busey:

“Over the last year, Jackson has made huge improvements when it comes to his skill level. He is more than just a capable jumper, has a nice jump hook, and has become a real threat to counter and attack dribbling. His death has room to grow but he has improved dramatically when it comes to recognizing teams Double and find a teammate is open. He has an advantage in mass because of his speed and while his ability to circumnavigate is what might allow him to create distance between himself and the other big guys in the class, he must be careful not to float outside too much when he has a mix Even inside and out to go with what he can do running the floor on the move, Jackson is a huge problem on the offensive end.Defensively, he’s ahead of the curve too.He has great anticipation, moves well sideways and uses his athletic style to his advantage so that the edge protector is above The average can also defend in space if he gets caught n switch and you have to defend a smaller player.”

Other effects

As for the Jackson 2023 NBA Draft, there is no guarantee that he will be a smash hit in college basketball. A celebrity player in the same position last year, Bates struggled as a freshman in Memphis and moved to Eastern Michigan for his sophomore season. Doreen, his college buddy, went from #1 in the 2022 class to #5 after being reclassified to 2021. He was solid, but not overwhelming, for the Tigers and slipped into the lottery as the number one player. 13 overall picks in last month’s NBA draft.

Among other implications after Jackson’s decision, he will be the new No. 1 in Top247 for 2023. DJ Wagner, who was already number one at 247Sports Composite, could slip into Jackson’s place, but striker Justin Edwards is among a handful of others in this mix.

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