FIA and Gran Turismo will work together, provided Gran Turismo 7 is improved

The FIA ​​and Gran Turismo will continue to work together – provided that the quality of online racing in Gran Turismo 7 improves.

About to kick off the Gran Turismo World Esports competition later today, July 23, the FIA ​​has commented exclusively on its relationship with developers Polyphony Digital and the competition.

Notably, the FIA ​​has associated Sony’s flagship racing title from a competitive perspective since 2018 as the sanctioning body for both the Nations Cup and the manufacturer’s series. This is used The GT Sport platform, before switching to this year’s Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo World Series 2022

With this change came the absence of the FIA ​​brand during the in-game qualifying rounds and at this weekend’s event. Fueling rumors of a split, the FIA ​​announced the use of the rival title Assetto Corsa Competizione at the upcoming Motorsports Games event.

“It’s not over,” said Frederic Bertrand, director of Formula E and the FIA’s Creative Sports Activities division, when asked about the relationship between Gran Turismo and motorsports’ governing body.

“For [the] Motorsports games [event]The difficulty we had at that moment was that they weren’t necessarily ready to support the live event as we wanted, because of Gran Turismo 7 and everything.

“So we agreed with them that we would be working with the Assetto Corsa on this,” Bertrand explained, speaking to Motorsport Networks Formula 1 editor Jonathan Noble — who relayed comments to Traxion.GG for publication — at the media launch event for the motorsports event. Above, hosted by France from October 26-30, 2022.

FIA Motorsport Games 2022 - Copies

“But we’re still working with Gran Turismo on a lot of other projects. So no, it’s not the end. It’s just an acceptance of a non-exclusive approach, and we feel esports needs to be more open.”

“That’s what we agreed with Kazunori-san. It’s approved, and it was done in a wonderful, gentle Japanese way!”

The upcoming weekend, July 30-31, will see the Gran Turismo World Series face off live from Red Bull’s Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria. The emerging talents of Gran Turismo will be mixed with existing race winners and will be split over the two days.

While the event is not affiliated with the FIA, there will be representatives present to investigate the evolution of Gran Turismo 7, and hopefully lead to the return of the partnership.

“I will send my friends [to Salzburg] And if we feel it’s ready, we’ll go ahead again. And then we will likely have another project early in the first quarter of next year with Gran Turismo,” Bertrand explained.

Although details about this project are still unknown, this is a clear confirmation that all is not lost when it comes to the Federation and Gran Turismo collaborating in competitions once again.

Since its launch, Gran Turismo 7 has been plagued with online playability issues. While the ranked sports mode is generally stable, internet lobbies are riddled with bugs. It took four months before the option to change the lobby settings became possible, and so far the ability to set track sounds or save settings – as on the GT Sport – are both absent.

“Polyphony Digital has been very honest with us. So we said, ‘Okay let’s make it easy.’ We needed something for the upcoming motorsports event, so we found an alternative. Then hopefully they’ll keep moving forward with development for 2023 into something on the level Which we all expect,” Bertrand continued.

While the game developers continue to work on an improved competitive experience, the FIA ​​is also looking for a global esports ranking, taking into account events across different sim racing platforms.

Valerio Gallo: The Man, the Legend, the Legend of Gran Turismo
Valerio Gallo – 2021 FIA Nations Cup Champion

“What we would like is to have the ATP in tennis, and translate it into e-motorsports. We would like to be the ones making the world rankings. So that the drivers know what level we are globally and what level they are in their region and in their country.”

While the FIA ​​is not present as it represents Gran Turismo’s esports events, it is still located in the game’s Brand Central district – a testament to the ongoing dialogue.

The pre-recorded Gran Turismo Cup Manufacturers’ Cup event will air today, July 23, followed by the Nations Cup on the 24th. The livestream comes a week later, as does the new game update featuring three new cars.

Featured image credit: Sony, PlayStation Blog. Photo by Valerio Gallo provided by Valerio Gallo.

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