Eagles mailbag: The craziest battle in training camp

We’re almost done. Prepare.

The Eagles report on training camp on Tuesday and their first training of the summer is scheduled for Wednesday. After an exciting season that raised expectations, we will finally get a chance to see this talented roster on the field.

I can not wait. And judging by the number of questions we received, neither can you guys.

To the mail bag!

I can’t wait to watch the competition in the back corner. Even after Craig James’ cut earlier this week, the Eagles have 12 (!) cornerbacks in their roster of 90 mostly young and untested players. Beginners in stone: Darius Sly, James Bradbury and Avonte Maddox are the top three and they make up a great trio.

Then? The average age of the remaining nine players on this team is 23.6 years.

The Eagles kept just five players in their initial roster of 53 players in 2021, but even if we expect them to keep six, that means nine players are fighting for three jobs. The competition must be very intense. Here’s a look at these nine players and their ages.

Zeke Macpherson: 24

The Eagles used a fourth-round pick over McPherson outside of Texas Tech in 2021 and served as the primary outdoor backup as a rookie. But because Slay and Steven Nelson stayed relatively healthy, he didn’t play much. Macpherson played 184 defensive shots, 53 of which came at the end of the regular season. However, in a limited business, Macpherson kept to himself. I was expecting him to make the list and be my primary backup abroad again.

Tae Gwan: 24

I’m really looking forward to watching Joanne in training camp. It was part of the revenue from the Zach Ertz trade last season. The Cardinal’s selection in the sixth round of the UCF has the length needed to play outside and has some flare.

Carrie Vincent Jr.: 23

The Eagles were traded to producer LSU in November, relinquishing a sixth-round pick. The Broncos used a seventh driver on Vincent a few months ago. Vincent is a legitimate runner who competed at the track at LSU. He is only 5-10 years old but can play inside and out.

Josiah Scott: 23

Like the two above, the Eagles traded for Scott as well, sending 2023 in the sixth round and Jameson Houston to Jaguar. Scott (5-9) is definitely a nickel-only corner kick, but he also showed his abilities on special teams last year. In addition, his nickname – “The Gnat” – is one of the best names in the team.

McCain III: 24

North Carolina A&T’s UDFA bounced between the Eagles and the Broncos last season. When the game of musical chairs ended, McCain was in Philly and signed a future deal to return to training camp this summer.

Jimmy Morland: 26

The Eagles already had plenty of young cornering talent, but he couldn’t resist Morland’s claim when he was ceded by the Texans in May. The oldest in this group, he was drafted by Washington in the seventh round of JMU in 2019. He also has the most experience in this group with 37 games and 10 games. He’s been a regular for the slots but he can play outside as well and some things he has the ability to play safe.

Mario Goodrich: 22

We got the UDFAs, so I ordered them with the guaranteed money to the lowest. Goodrich, a UDFA of Clemson, received a $217,000 bond and a $10,000 signing bonus. This year, the Eagles went after unregistered players because they believed the pool of players to be placed on the roster was far greater than the number of shots in the seven rounds.

Josh Blackwell: 23

Duke’s UDFA received a guaranteed $137.5K and a $12.5K signature bonus.

Josh Joby: 24

UDFA of Alabama received a guaranteed $135,000 and a $10,000 signing bonus.

The Eagles won’t be able to keep all these young angles. A few of them will make up the team, some will land on the coaching team and a few will likely end up elsewhere. But the competition this summer will be fierce.

I will stick to the topic here. If I had to name one person, I’d give you a MacPherson. Although I’m really curious about Gowan, McPhearson is the guy who will have the most chances. The Eagles were able to stay healthy in Cornerback last season; Slay and Nelson started all 16 matches before the end of the regular season that made no sense. It might happen again with Slay and Bradberry but if either of them waste time, McPhearson is the next guy.

There is a lot to like about Macpherson. The Eagles really saw it on display at Hula Bowl 2021. Here’s my story about it showing up that week under coach Rex Ryan.

Observe the position of the receiver. On my next show for a 53-man roster, I have Galen Rigare on the team partly because he was a first-round pick and partly because his hat hit. But if he is outdone in the camp, he will not be safe. Another mainstay of the critically endangered reception room is Greg Ward. He’s meant a lot to the team over the past few years, but it’s a deeper group now with AJ Brown, DeVonta Smith, Quez Watkins and Zach Pascal at the top and exciting newcomers like Britain’s Covey and Devon Allen. Ward might be one of the strange men out there.

Nah, not cheap at all. If anything, you can say that adding color schemes can generate revenue due to merchandise sales. This is the first season that the NFL has allowed a replacement helmet. The Eagles really wanted to create the Kelly green helmet so they could bring back the green jerseys as an alternative. But the process, as Jeff Lowery explained in March, is no short. While the Eagles are working with Nike to bring Kelly Green back in 2023, they’re taking advantage of the rule change to get a replacement black helmet in 2022. Ultimately, the Eagles say, they want the rule to allow for two replacement helmets. This way they can keep the black and add the green kelly.

I’ll give you my point:

1. Shorty Italian hoagie. (Oil, lettuce, tomato, onion, fresh and pickled chili on the side)

2. Little lemonade tea

3. Fununs mini bag

4. If I had cash left and had to use every $13, I’d go with one of the most underappreciated items: a sweet cheese-filled biscuit under a heat lamp. Hard candy.

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