Cadarius Tony is among the five giants to watch the training camp

Every player is checked during bootcamp, and some are more dangerous than others. Here are five giants of particular interest to watch this summer:

Cadarius Tony, WR

Big surprise, isn’t it? Tony didn’t quite hit the ground running last year in his first NFL camp, didn’t quite light up the world last spring, and missed the action with a knee issue that was considered minor. Well, at some point, he has to get on the field and stay on the field and show more than glimpses and excitement of the immense physical talent he possesses: right?

Shin Limiu, Ji

Is he a top-tier left keeper or is he just a follower of the previous training regime destined to come and go without warning? He brought an aura of toughness running into the foul when he joined the squad in 2020, but he was far from acceptable as a pass-keeper. Lemieux only played one game in 2021 before he needed knee surgery. Now he’s healthy and will be challenging for a starting point. Is this 25-year-old part of the solution along the offensive line, or is someone, like rookie Joshua Izudo, going to knock him out of his place with the first team?

Kadarius Tony

Kayvon Thibodeau, OLB

You’re getting used to seeing this name on every “watch” list of giants for the foreseeable future. Heck, he was the #5 pick overall in the draft, and he arrived with a big match and even more personality. Expectations are up to the ceiling. He has the seal of approval from Hall of Famer Michael Strahan, but that only applies so far. Thibodeaux was at times a dominant passing and defensive defender in Oregon, with an “at times” accent. He must be a full-time threat before he can be sealed as the next Giants artist.

The Giants rejected the option of midfielder Daniel Jones for a fifth year in April
The Giants turned down the option of midfielder Daniel Jones for a fifth year in April.
Noah K. Murray New York Post

Daniel Jones, QB

Sure, that’s his job, and as long as he’s healthy, he’s in QB1 as he enters the final year of his contract. Veteran Tyrod Taylor has been signed on to serve as backup, and is a much better second choice over anything the Giants have had in quite some time. Fans of these open camp practices will love what they see from Taylor. Jones is in the formative stages of initiating another new offensive system, and growing pains are to be expected. It would be a relief for the entire franchise if he speeded up the learning curve and made things happen sooner rather than later.

Cordell Flute, CB

really? Yes really. This third-round pick from LSU has a chance to play big time as a rookie. In case you haven’t noticed, the Giants are skinny in the back corner, and there’s a glaring gap in the starting defense opposite junior Adoree’ Jackson – who wasn’t quite as certain as the same in CB1. Aaron Robinson is coming off a rookie year in which injuries have slowed, and the answer could be as a starting corner, but it could be better on the inside, in the hole. Flott weighs 175 pounds, but is tall enough at 6ft-1 to survive the outdoors. It will greatly enhance the entire defensive operation if Flute gets it sooner rather than later.

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