Buddy Pemblet vs Jordan Levitt highlights full fight video

Watch Paddy Pimblett vs. Jordan Leavitt highlights the full fight video from the UFC London main card, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

UFC London was held on July 23 at the O2 Arena in London, England. Liverpool star Buddy Pemblett (19-3) took on rookie lightweight Jordan Levitt (10-2) in a featured match on the main card tonight, which was broadcast live on ESPN+.

Catch the highlights in the video below.

For more info on Pimblett vs.Leavitt, check out the live blog post by Jed Meshew of MMA Fighting.

first round: Both men come out of the orthodoxy and it is Badi who takes the center from the gate. Jordan climbs over the fence and swings big but Jordan swings down on the legs. Cedar weeds but Jordan has the decisiveness. He had a short removal but Buddy was over immediately. Jordan still keeps the ring even though he’s got Buddy up against the fence.

Buddy grabs the guillotine but Jordan gets a body pull and expels it. Buddy is holding on but Jordan seems to be fine. Buddy is adjusting and now he has a full guard! But Levitt breaks the grip and pops so he’s on top. Despite this, Pemblet wakes up immediately and we’re back to decisive against the fence.

Buddy jumps on a guillotine but it’s not even close and Levitt grabs the back but Pemblet stands up. Lock the back body against the fence and then back the mat. A couple of knees here from Leavitt too. Pemblet turns to him but he can’t stay away from this decisiveness. Both men are working hard at this though.

Paddy goes for a key but fails. He stays with him and we are in a scramble position. fight it. No joy either way and we’re back to clinching the fence. Pemblet is finally able to break free, but Levitt accuses him of falling. Tip from Levitt. Pimblett goes for a head kick, Leavitt shoots, the scramble ends with Pimblett on top. It takes back but there is a short time. Pimblett drops a few shots but nothing huge.

Fighting MMA score round 10-9 pimples.

second round: If you want to score that round for Levitt, you can but Pemblett went down more I think.

The second round begins with Levitt supports pimples. Leavitt maintains the range with plenty of teeps. Pemblet kicks. Not much happened until Leavitt shot one person and forced Leavitt over the fence. Pimplet stuffs it well but we are back to the same place. If the referees control the scoring, this is not optimal for Pemblete.

Pemblete goes for a thigh throw but doesn’t feel the thrill. Levitt strangles the fence. Pemblete trying to lock up like Inverted Darts? Not sure but in the end he got back from it. Pemblete holds an arm under the body triangle and is in very poor condition. He only has one arm to defend his neck and a pimplite underneath! There is a tap! Great show from Badi Al Badi!

Buddy Pemblete won. Jordan Levitt in lead (naked rear throttle) at 2:46 of the second round.

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