AYANEO 2 console with AMD Ryzen 7 6800U APU officially launched in September

AYANEO 2 now has a release date

In the usual way, AYANEO’s CEO and designers gave a 5-hour update on upcoming products. This update mainly focused on the AYANEO Air and AYANEO 2 handheld game consoles.

The company has confirmed that AYANEO Air will start shipping starting today (although it’s Sunday) to early backers and media for reviews. This console is an OLED-based handheld device with a Ryzen 5000 APU. But the focus is now turning to more capable products, such as the Ryzen 6000-based AYANEO 2.

The company has also given an update on the release date of the AYANEO 2 product. It’s officially coming at the end of September with mass shipments planned for October. A rolling launch is typical for publicly funded devices.

Here’s a reminder that AYANEO 2 is based on an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor with 8 cores, 16 threads featuring the updated Zen3+ architecture. Most importantly, it contains 12 RDNA2 compute units, 50% more than Steam Deck. This will be the company’s first console to be based on this graphics architecture.


According to AYANEO, this device will be the first 6800U Windows handheld with a “full screen” design, which means much smaller bezels than similar devices. And speaking of the display, the company today confirmed that the AYANEO 2 has a Full HD IPS display, so it’s an upgrade over the 720p panel in the original device.

It is also worth noting that AYANEO 2 is not the flagship device. The company has already outlined its plans for the AYANEO Next 2, a larger device that houses both analog sticks, buttons and also touchpads similar to Steam Deck.

AYANEO 2022 lineup, Source: AYANEO

2022 Handheld Game Consoles
Video Cards AYANEO 2 AYANEO NEXT II steam surface
general engineering AMD Zen3 + & RDNA2 Intel Alder Lake and DG2
AMD Zen3 + & RDNA2
AMD Zen2 & RDNA2
SoC Ryzen 7 6800U twelfth generation core
Ryzen 6000
AMD Van Gogh
CPU 8C/16T @4.7GHz TBC 4C/8T @3.5GHz
GPU Radeon 680M 12 CUs
2.2 GHz (GPU)
Intel ARC Alchemist (dGPU)
AMD Radeon 6000 (dGPU)
8 currency units
1.6 GHz
memory LPDDR5 – 6400 TBC 16 GB LPDDR5-5500
storage TBC TBC Up to 512 GB NVMe
Show 7″ 1920 x 1080 IPS TBC 7″ 1280 x 800 IPS
Connection TBC TBC Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5
battery TBC TBC 40 hours
Weight TBC TBC 669 grams
Dimensions TBC TBC 29.8 x 11.7 x 4.9 cm
The operating system Windows 11 Windows 11 Windows 11
Steam OS 3.0 (bracket)
retail price TBC TBC $399 (16 GB + 64 GB)
$529 (16 GB + 256 GB)
$649 (16 GB + 512 GB)
release day September 2022 Late 2022(?) February 2022


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