Summarizing Logan Thomas Washington’s Contingency Plans

Logan Thomas has repeatedly stated that he aims to be back by the first week of the regular season. He may be well prepared, but in the meantime, training camp is up soon, and Washington has a slew of inexperienced tight-knit parties looking to make their way onto the roster. John Bates and Samis Reyes are entering their second season. However, Cole Turner, Armani Rodgers and Curtis Hodges are rookies. Furthermore, Antonio Gandhi Golden is a tight end to the first year, having played his previous two seasons as Washington’s future. With Thomas’ status currently unclear, Washington needs to determine who can fill their role within this group.

What exactly did Thomas bring to the crime? He scored 72 goals in 110 goals in 2020, and in six games during a 2021 season riddled with injuries, he scored 18 goals in 25 goals. Thomas was a primary target receptionist on both the short and mid-defense but was also a threat to the red zone. Thomas also ran 3rd level paths (Go/Seam/Corner/Over) to extend the defenses from the hatch and bend them wide. Running game isn’t his strength, but his versatility as a receiver and his ability to capture point made him an essential piece of attack. Fortunately, Washington can back off two contingency plans while Thomas continues to recover.

Cole Turner

Cole Turner should be Washington’s number one plan in Thomas’ absence. He came to the NFL as a primary threat in receiving it. He has experience playing as an X, frontier receiver, slot, H-back, and tight end of the line. His sporting, competitive edge and height make him an attractive option for any end-lover midfielder. Most importantly, his most important trait will be on the positive side of the field for Washington, and of course the red zone. “I’m more of a tenure-receiver,” Turner told Washington Commanders analyst Logan Poulsen. “A guy in the red will compete and line up anywhere and play plays from anywhere on the field.”

Offensive coordinator Scott Turner also weighed in on Cole Turner. “So far, he’s playing fast, using his size and showing his size and ability to catch the ball.” Scott Turner also mentioned that Cole will need to focus more than just his responsibilities in any given game if he is to move around the court.

Upon hearing that Scott Turner has actually had some sort of conversation about Cole’s move into the field, it’s already an idea for the leaders. However, it is up to Cole to show that he understands what they are asking of him mentally while also playing plays on the field to be trusted as a viable Logan Thomas contingency plan. If foot speed and direct blocking don’t get in the way of his pro-level ability to see pitch and do speeds, I’m sure he sees plenty of goals as a novice.

Antonio Gandhi Golden

The idea of ​​AGG was first brought to my attention by Mark Tyler of Hogs Haven, and it’s an excellent thought process. AGG concentration and receiving capacity have not disappeared; He showed off his natural receiving skills during off-season training. AGG is heading into its third season in the NFL, playing only ten games out of a possible 34; The inability to win and being separated from the road runner hurt AGG in his first two seasons.

AGG isn’t slow enough to play in a controlled fashion, and that’s what he and his coaches have realized this year, giving him a chance to revive his career. In combination, Gandy-Golden weighed 223 pounds; Because of the conversion, it now weighs 240. I wouldn’t expect a significant drop in foot velocity with the added weight, and it should be able to offer the Washington the mismatch as a flex or H-back option.

AGG is a solid contingency plan that Rivera and Turner already know about; However, the additional hurdle for him would appear that he is capable of blocking as well. If he can ditch the technique and understand the running scheme from an insider’s perspective, his role within the Washington attack could grow as the season progresses.

Any love for John Bates?

There’s a lot to appreciate with Bates, but his best bet is his blocking, while his receiving skills are complementary to that. While it’s part of today’s game to use the narrow end below the seam, which Bates does, his best ability is to find area voids on the shorter level of the field and create opportunities for the center back.

Everything will come down to boot camp and pre-season for the entire site group, and I’m sure Rodgers and Hodges will have input into this fight as well. There aren’t many battles for positions this season compared to previous years, but the tight final set is something we should all watch out for.

Who is Part of Your Logan Thomas Contingency Plan?

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