Someone got Pixel Buds Pro early

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro are now available for pre-order ahead of its launch on July 28, but one user has already gotten their hands on the earbuds, giving us a preview of what to expect, and showing how they compare to the A-Series.

u/Linkakox posted on Reddit on the r/GooglePixel subreddit this morning with the revelation that the Pixel Buds Pro, somehow, have already landed on their doorstep.


The order was placed through, a French retailer. Apparently, the pre-order was placed on July 21, but the site has yet to put the “pre-order” restrictions in place, apparently allowing this user to run through the loopholes and get their order early.

No matter how, what does this tell us?

Well, first we have some early impressions on the earbuds. According to u/Linkakox, the Pixel Buds Pro sound better with music than the Pixel Buds A-Series, and the speakers are also a bit larger than the A-Series. As far as fit is concerned, they mention that they “feel less secure” compared to the Pixel Buds A-Series. Series.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) sounds good too, and multipoint audio seems to work.

As shown below, a quick photo gallery shows the earbuds’ packaging and comparison with the Pixel Buds A-Series. Looking at the earbuds themselves, the Pro model looks more bulbous than the A-Series, and of course lacks the “fins” found in previous Google earbuds. The Pixel Buds Pro case looks noticeably wider and thicker. Another image shared with us shows a small tube with extra ear tips. There is no charging method in the case at all, with no USB-C cable. Of course, the Pixel Buds Pro can use the same charger as the Pixel, even if it’s a wireless charger.

Researching a bit more, u/Linkakox asked us about the software status with the Pixel Buds Pro, which seems to be the only thing stopping these earbuds from being everyone-ready based on these first impressions.

The current Pixel Buds companion app does not support all Pixel Buds Pro features, such as ANC settings. But the touch controls seem to work for switching between ANC and Transparency modes. Pressing the earphone for two seconds switches between the two modes.

Multipoint can be accessed through the Android settings menu. Apparently, Buds work with a Windows PC with Multipoint, which was expected functionality – after all, Multipoint is a Bluetooth feature, it’s just the Smart Switch that Google turns on through Fast Pair.

Google is set to ship the Pixel Buds Pro to all users on July 28, with $199 earbuds up to 31 hours of battery life, a dedicated sound chip, and more along with ANC. Stay tuned for more.

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