Safety No. 2 in Top247 Joenel Aguero is committed to Georgia

It’s Georgia for Safety Lane (Massachusetts) St. John Prep Top247 Gwenel Aguero, who announced his pledge to the Bulldogs on Saturday afternoon during a live broadcast on CBS Sports HQ. The blue player chose to play for the defending National Champions on a roster of shows that also included finalists in Florida, Miami and Ohio State.

Labeled by Top247 as the No. 2 safety in the country, Aguero has visited Athens several times throughout the operation including his official at the weekend of June 10.

“It was always really, that’s where I wanted to go, I kind of left my options open,” Aguero told 247Sports. “I feel like it was everything to be honest. I felt more comfortable in school, my family loves the coaches and it also felt like the best school to develop me and get into the league.”

Aguero who is 6 feet 195 pounds is the number 28 prospect in the Top247 regardless of position and is the number 16 commitment to a head coach. Kirby Smart and his staff.

“I would say they are the people there,” Aguero said. “I love the city of Athens. It’s all about the school, I love the place.”

Aguero has felt a full journalist employment relationship over the past two years with him Kirby Smart And the Will Muchamp And recently with a new coach for defensive appearances Fran Brown.

“Kirby has been doing what he’s been doing for the past two years,” Aguero said. “It feels great to play for a coach like him and he’s working safely so it’s good to have the head coach working with this position and allowing you to make plays and other things.

“Muchamp and I have been great since he first started recruiting me. He’s been my man since day one. The way he develops players as we go through plays, I love the way he teaches.”

“Coach Fran jumped in with me and him and built a relationship. We come from the same background and understand each other in certain things.”

Aguero also spoke highly of his Georgia Employment Relationship Manager David Cooper Throughout his operation he suits the men in the locker room.

“I’m close with Kelly, Dylan, I’m great with the whole team,” Aguero said. “Going there, everybody knows me, I feel like part of the team already. The whole team knows me.”

Aguero told Smart and his staff that he would definitely come on Thursday.

“Kirby was excited, he said I was the safety he really wanted to have,” Aguero said. “I told him he got Dawg who will do his best and give everything I have.”

Other schools that have introduced Aguero include Alabama, Michigan, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma.

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