Packers List 2022 Predictions: Oh special teams, why not be honest?

Continuation of Acme’s site-wide bottling project which leads to collapse Green Bay PackersRoster and Prediction For the squad’s 53-man roster, our attention turns to the specialists, as Green Bay heads to the power of tried and true veterans to tackle the unmitigated catastrophe of the 2021 season. However, both slick vets will rely on the young, tall snapper on their team. Third. will you work? Can new coordinator Rich Bisachia change this situation?

Will we see some improvement from this unit?


Stephen Fertel, Mason Crosby, Pat O’Donnell

As Mason Crosby comes off his worst year since 2012, it’s worth bearing in mind how random the field goal percentage numbers are from year to year. Given how inconsistent the blocking and long pickup have been in the past year, it’s likely Crosby due Mulligan’s on his 73.5% mark. Crosby’s leg isn’t what it used to be at the start of the game, as he enters his 38-year-old season, which means writing is on the wall for his career, but his leg strength is still acceptable for the modern footballer, and it was still Well last season’s 54 yards. However, a recurring performance will see Mason sail east to join other stoics of the past in retirement.

Pat O’Donnell, with the second longest neck in Bears history, is a rock solid gambler, averaging 45.1 yards per kick in his career while playing mostly in bad weather. He’s also an accomplished carrier, and hasn’t been banned since 2019. That should be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Finally, the group’s wild card, Steven Fertel was originally signed by the Lions as a UDFA in 2020 before moving on to the Rams a bit. He joined Packer’s coaching staff at the start of the 2021 season and received the bump to the active roster in November, replacing Hunter Bradley.

Wirtel was the tall, decorative snapper in college in Iowa and comes from a prosperous family (his brother John picked up Kansas), but his first long career in Green Bay saw some inconsistency in timing and location. Cory Bojorquez had a notorious and sometimes hard to blame exchange, but we love Wirtel’s chances of recovering due to his lineage and Rich Bisaccia’s tutelage.


Jack Coco, Gabe Brickic

While the Brkic/Coco duo have perfect cold-weather names, we think the position will continue. Brkic was 76.9% infantry over the last two seasons in Oklahoma, and in the absence of some impressive improvement during camp, Mason Crosby is unlikely to be fired. Should Wirtel suffer, we doubt they’d keep Coco on speed dial, but Wirtel would get the first crack.

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